Report: Romney Campaign “Muzzled” Their Gay Foreign-Policy Guy

Andrew Sullivan, the Daily Beast‘s resident gay Republican neo-con, is reporting that Richard Grenell was “muzzled” by Mitt Romney’s campaign, and instructed not to speak on a key conference call he helped organize. This adds some insidious anti-gay undertones to the Romney campaign, even when it’s trying so hard to Etch-A-Sketch some shred of LGBT credibility.

Original reports believed that Grenell was mostly bullied out of his position by neo-cons.

Writes Sullivan:

He’d been part of organizing a conference call to respond to Vice President Biden’s foreign policy speech, now known best for the “big stick” remark. So some reporters were puzzled as to why Grenell, a week into his job as Romney’s national security spokesman, was not introduced by name as part of the Romney team at the beginning of the call, and his voice completely absent from the conversation. Some even called and questioned him afterwards as to why he was absent. He wasn’t absent. He was simply muzzled. For a job where you are supposed to maintain good relations with reporters, being silenced on a key conference call on your area of expertise is pretty damaging. Especially when you helped set it up.

Sullivan explains that the D.C. GOP elite actually felt bad about this decision, but needed to muzzle themselves so not to appear unchristian:

I might add that the private conversation among many Republicans in this town is that this was unjust and unfair. The Romneyites are correct when they say they tried to talk him out of it. But they kept and keep their views quiet. The gay-inclusive elements in the elites simply do not have the balls to tackle the religious right. And this is particularly true of Romney, as this case now proves.

Republicans lacking the balls to tell it to your face? Sounds like Grenell was among his own!

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  • FreddyMertz

    I don’t know if Andrew Sullivan is Republican…I think he has stated he is conservative. I think one can be gay and conservative..just not gay and Republican. This drama only proves my point.

  • jason

    Mitt Romney is very gay-friendly. As governor, he was one of the most tolerant and gay-friendly governors around. In fact, he was ahead of his time.

    I can’t say the same about Obama. Obama is a “fierce gay advocate” one minute, a reluctant poser the next. Nothing he says can be believed. Obama’s core values are based on politicizing our rights as gay people. His method is to hold out a promise of progress but then to drag it out until he thinks it’s time to raise funds, if then.

    As for Andrew Sullivan, he’s a gas bag from Britain, í’nt he?

  • hf2hvit

    FUCKING SELF-LOATHING GAY REPUBLICANS… What the hell do you expect? Republicans hate you and would rather see you dead and you stand there crying, “WHY CAN’T I BE IN YOUR CLUB?!?!?!”


  • delurker

    Look, this guy is a war mongering chicken hawk (in other words, a typical Republican). He would have been perfect for the press hack “foreign policy” position Romney hired him for. What does it say about Romney and Republicans that he was sidelined for being gay despite him being “perfect” for this position?

  • cam

    @jason: said..

    Mitt Romney is very gay-friendly. As governor, he was one of the most tolerant and gay-friendly governors around. In fact, he was ahead of his time.

    I can’t say the same about Obama. Obama is a “fierce gay advocate” one minute, a reluctant poser the next. Nothing he says can be believed”

    Jason, I want to give you the benefit of the doubt here so I have to assume that you don’t know that, while governor Romney went before Congress to tell them to amend the U.S. Constitution to outlaw gay marriage. He wanted to alter our highest governing document with a bigoted amendment against gays.

    Obama may not be as good on gays as we want him to be, but he has instructed the DOJ to stop defending DOMA, he signed the repeal of DADT which Romney said he wouldn’t, AND he has spoken out and said that DOMA needs to be repealed.

    The comparison isn’t even close.

  • cam

    The main point of this story is obvious.

    No matter WHAT they say, the right wing don’t even want gays to have jobs if they are out of the closet.

    That is beyond bigotry.

  • hf2hvit

    @jason: DORK!!!

  • Stephen

    I think JASON is what they call a “TROLL”

  • Spike

    @jason: Mitt is gay friendly?!!? Really, seriously? He’s a high level leader in the Mormon you clown. Go google Mormom, gay.

    Your opinions of Obama not being an advocate for the gay community are beyond sophomoric. His advocacy is NOT APPLICABLE at this time, his ability to nominate the next Supreme Court justice IS, esp as it pertains to GAY RIGHT, CIVIL RIGHT, WOMEN’S RIGHTS, MINORITY RIGHT.

    Your understanding of what is at stake here is equal to the average republican Fox News audience member.

  • WillBFair

    As usual, Sullivan is making excuses for the Republican party. Oh, the elites told him not to quit. Please. That flies in the face of their act of keeping him off the conference call. They certainly knew the hand writing was on the wall from the minute the first bigot hit record on the video cam.
    As for Grenell, double please. I heard him speak blatant falsehoods about Obama’s foreign policy with no supporting evidence. That’s typical of Republican speech. Throw accusations and hope they stick.
    Whatever you may think of the President’s spotty domestic record, his foreign policy has been pretty good. So Grenell is a disgrace not just for being a capo, but also for being a clumsy liar. In both, he makes us all look bad.

  • cam

    This remindes me of a story the singer Natalie Cole told in an interview. Her father, Nat King Cole was invited to a party in Beverley Hills. He was surprised and excited because he assumed it was a sign that the people weren’t bigots, and the world was getting better etc…

    When he got there, the butler showed him to the piano because he was expected to play during the entire party.

    This guy thought that he was hired as an equal. The campaign showed him soon enough that he wasn’t.

  • MikeyM

    Sorry. Obama can’t be blamed for something The Republicans did.

  • jeff4justice

    I’d rather focus on alternative party options instead of dwelling about the 2party system.

    There’s a book titled “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” about poor people voting against their self-interests by voting Republican.

    Likewise, what’s the matter with LGBT people? The Green, Peace & Freedom, Socialist, and Libertarian parties all have 100% pro-equality candidates.

    Meanwhile we have the mega LGBT groups and LGBT blogs force-feeding us the idea we are limited to the 2party system. Of course the same corporations that own mainstream media are the same forces that own and control the 2party system.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    If we can go from woman and black people not being able to vote to that happening and then jump to electing a black President and openly-gay elected officials then we can certainly do something as simple as elect an alternative party President.

    Obama is GWBs third term on the war, the drug war, the destruction of the environment, and erosion of civil liberties.

    You have to be in deep denial or a desperate single-issue voter to not see this.

    All the marches of Occupy, the Tea Party, May Day, LGBT groups, woman’s groups worker’s rights groups are all futile if we keep electing the same corporately-controlled 2party system that perpetuates war and poverty on us.

    Un-occupy the 2party system.

  • jeff4justice

    Un-occupy the 2party system. Or keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  • pedro

    Jason, you are a liar…Romney unearthed a 19th century law to try and prevent out of state gays from getting married in MA…He tried and failed to kill gay marriage in MA, but it being MA with an overwhelmingly Democratic legislature, he failed. Romney is a two-faced liar, and though I can hardly stand the sight of Obama, he is definitely the lesser of two evils…I will swallow hard and vote Dem this November, because a Mormon in the Whitehouse is simply more than my Catholic heart can bear.

  • Adam Sass

    I’m embarrassed for him. I don’t like Grenell or his views, but this is one the most demeaning thing I’ve heard of.

  • tjr101

    Please ignore Jason, the poor guy lives under a rock.

  • cam

    @jeff4justice: said…

    Un-occupy the 2party system. Or keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

    That is all well and good, however for THIS election we have a choice between two parties and we need to vote for the one that will help us, or hurt us the least.

    Oush for better options next time, this time is already upon us.

  • EvonCook

    I went to college with Terry Dolan, (at the all male, Catholic Georgetown University) who later co-founded and chaired the National Political Action Committee (NCPAC) to circumvent contribution limits, promote Ronald Reagan and enable Jerry Fallwell only to be beaten in 1972 by Karl Rove for the chairmanship of the College Republicans. No doubt haunting gay bars for sex conflicted with his ultra-conservative politics, but self haters internalizing societal and religious homophobia can find a kind of repentance in hateful, homophobic zealotry and emphatic public denial, as well as pathetic solace in masochistic deeds however despicable and destructive. Dolan died in 1986 at the age of 36 from AIDS, a plague his achievements helped demonize, reduced timely recognition and identification of and prolonged misery for millions around the globe. Maybe, just maybe Wyatt is catching himself in time, but how can people like Grenell and Sullivan live with themselves? Let’s remember Sullivan was caught soliciting bb sex after being diagnosed with H-IV, so there is a lot of mind over matter and intellectual justifications (or obfuscations) here that most common sense, honest people would find abhorrent.

  • alan green

    Jason, You are one fucking stupid idot, but then again you are a Republican so what
    can on expect., i was one at one time, but when it came to Gay right issues, i had
    no part of the republican stance. You should be ashamed of yourself if you agree
    with the policies that republicans stand for when it comes to gay rights., simply
    put, we dont have any as far as they are concerned.

  • nature boy

    @jason, in case previous commenters have not made it clear enough… I lived in Massachusetts under Romney as governor. HE (AND HIS WIFE) WERE NOT GAY FRIENDLY. They were as gay tolerant as they had to be to work in a traditionally democratic state. Yes, they don’t mind gays working for them but they don’t want those gays to have equal rights. The best thing I could say about Romney as governor is “he could have been worse.” I would MUCH rather see Obama in the White House.

  • I'm Just Sayin'

    We shouldn’t confuse politicians acting in a “tolerant, friendly or inclusive” manner with them actually being supportive of gay equality. You can clearly be one and not the other with degrees in between. When people like LCR’s Clarke Cooper insist that Romney has no issue with gay people, it’s not just semantics, it’s an example of what I am now referring to as #GRNDR…Gay Republicans Naively Denying Reality. They do it so often, its deserves its own acronym.

  • Patsy Stoned

    They might have muzzled him, but at least Romney didn’t stick him one on the roof of his car.

  • jeff4justice

    @cam: Yep. Keep marching LGBT groups, Occupy, woman’s groups and keep thinking the 2party system will be any better then the decade before and the decade before.

    Nobama for me thanks.

  • Erica Swanley

    @pedro: Your catholic heart needs to be careful, it’s about to vote for man without a true religion at all which is even worse than being a mormon.

  • nature boy

    @Erica Swanley …. whether you are aware of it or not, yet, you are apparently a tool of the devil, claiming in a public square that you can judge the trueness of someone else’s religious faith… you had better start at home, I think, and worry about your own faith before judging others. That’s what Jesus said. I’ll pray for you.

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