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Report: Trump closes down White House Office of AIDS Policy

Websites are one thing, but if a source speaking to reporter Kenneth Walsh is to be believed, Donald Trump has already taken action to shutter the White House Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP).

As Walsh reports on his blog, Kenneth in the 212:

“…a source in the HIV/AIDS research community tells me Trump has already closed the Office of National AIDS Policy, whose page has also been disabled. Revisionist LGBT activists should note the office was formed in 1993 — during the Clinton administration at the height of the plague — to coordinate government efforts to reduce the number of HIV infections in the United States.”

Indeed, if you try to access the web address associated with ONAP, this page comes up:

Many have noted that the website issues might be chalked up to expected transition messiness, but that doesn’t explain why some pages have remained intact or are brand new, while others are gone completely.

The director of ONAP under President Obama, Amy Lansky, tweeted a series of final farewells from her whole staff on Jan. 4:

When reached for comment, Lansky told Walsh, “I have no information on what the Trump administration may or may not do with regards to ONAP.”

Like countless other pressing issues associated with Trump’s ascent to power, we’ll have to wait to find out ONAP’s fate for certain.

But it’s not exactly looking good.

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