Jaws Drop

Reporter Interviews Aussie Hunk, Forgets Report, Chases Him Down The Beach


It was supposed to be a story about shark sightings, but it became an eyewitnesses account of love at first sight.

Wendy Burch, a KTLA reporter, was interviewing beach wanderers on Salt Creek Beach in California about recent sightings of a large shark in the area, when a handsome young jogger named James caught her eye.

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She asked him about the recent shark sightings, and he opined that he thought it was all drummed-up panic from the media. It soon became clear that Burch wasn’t listening to a word he was saying, so taken was she by his formidable physique.

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After his spiel, she coyly shook his hand and babbled, “I love that guy. I have nothing else to say.” But as he began jogging out of her life for good, she abruptly dropped her microphone and chased after the Australian.

Her colleague Jennifer Gould joked on Twitter, “Shark… everyone was looking down under.”

Burch’s response:

Watch the summer love unfold in real-time: