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Reporter Surprised To Learn GLAAD Hosts Award Shows For Reasons Other Than Celebrating LGBTs

GLAAD and its media awards used to celebrate the “unsung heroes” — the regular people writing about LGBT issues and putting their lives on the line to stand up to the mainstream. Even though GLAAD still invites “those people” to its show (Judy Shepherd — bereaved mother of the slain Matthew — might still make an appearance), it basically tramples over them to throw awards at the people who act as lesbian moms and gay poets in the movies. So, in staying true to answering the question put before me last month, I have devised a new mission statement for GLAAD: “The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) amplifies the voice of the LGBT community by empowering people to sit in offices in New York and L.A., watch TV and every now and then issue a report shaming “Saturday Night Live” over its drag skits or N.F.L. football commentators for making “Brokeback Mountain” jokes. The rest of the time, it prepares for a Media Awards show that hardly gets any coverage in the press anymore and celebrates the movies, TV shows and actors already honored by mainstream award shows.

—Adrian Margaret Brune, a reporter who’s covered LGBT issues and has written for The Nation and The Boston Globe Magazine, must have forgotten who’s underwriting GLAAD’s budget every year [via]