Hero worship

This reporter went and lost her damned mind while interviewing Ricky Martin

Interviewing Ricky Martin: it’s not for the faint of heart.

Chicago-based journalist Ana Belaval learned that the hard way while interviewing the actor/pop star this week — much to his palpable amusement.

The split-screen, live satellite interview was supposed to revolve around Puerto Rico’s hurricane relief efforts. Instead, it became a hard-nosed exposé on obsessive hero worship — and modern fangirls — that pulled absolutely no punches.

After thanking the actor for his help in Puerto Rico, she began leaping around and screaming, not realizing Martin was still very much on the air.

Though he couldn’t see her, he could hear her. Everyone could.

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Here’s a taste of what he heard:

“I seriously went very berserk on Dean Richards because you have to understand, when you’re part of a minority and you don’t have a lot of role models in media, and you have a Ricky Martin that wherever you go in the world, it’s a good name to mention as a Puerto Rican ? oh my goodness you feel related to him.”

So Martin chimed in: “That’s beautiful. I love what I’m hearing.”

“Oh he’s still there?” Belaval asked, mortified.

Then, to the WGN anchors:  “I’m going to kill you!”

“Please, I don’t want to be involved in another American Crime Story,” joked Martin.

Later, Belaval talked to NPR about the interview, saying:

“I have had so many missed opportunities to meet him. And honestly, after Hurricane Maria, when the local government was running around like headless chickens, these performers just went to work ? right? ? put boots on the ground. And he was ? I will never forget. No one could get to Aguadilla. And he got a FedEx plane to Aguadilla, which is on the west coast of the island, to go help people who really needed it. And so that just elevated him in my eyes.”