far east dispatch

Reporter Witnesses 2 Teenage Chinese Girls Kissing on the Subway

This is, apparently, how you know China’s attitude toward The Gays is changing: Sitting on an air-conditioned subway car in Shanghai, Howard W. French observes, “Seated directly opposite me, two teenage girls were kissing in an unmistakably romantic way. They appeared to be no older than 17. One of them, strong of build and with short hair, was dressed and coiffed in a masculine style. Her longhaired companion, who was dressed in a pretty pastel skirt, was the picture of classic, old-school sweet 16. I tried to do what I immediately noted few of my fellow passengers could accomplish: not stare. But as I looked up from time to time, it struck me that among other things, amid all of the sustained touching, billing and cooing, there was willful, if mild, provocation taking place before my eyes. The statement that was being made seemed to say: ‘This is a new age, and people of our generation are free to do as we wish in our love lives, so get over it.'” Or maybe they were just horny?