Reports Claim Harry Styles Leaving One Direction “To Break Into Movies”

019d1dd9ca1c773e6e618b5194e8691fRumors that the boys of One Direction may be going their separate ways were virtually squashed late last month, when TMZ reported the guys “hadn’t seen [each other] in months,” but “weren’t even thinking about calling it quits.”

The Daily Star has a different take on the story, alleging this week that a potential split may definitely be on the horizon, as frontman Harry Styles has become a “virtual stranger” during the band’s hiatus.

An unidentified source claimed the “atmosphere will be toxic” when the group reunites to rehearse for this summer’s tour, suggesting “the bad blood stems from the rest of the group’s suspicions that Styles is planning to go solo.”

Styles is “desperate to break into movies,” the source adds. “[The boys] won’t let him just use them for his own career ambitions. They want to know what’s really going on.”

Hopefully these rumors are just that. We can’t bare the thought of a future without this goodness.

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  • Call

    The headline should read, Reports Claim Harry Styles Leaving One Direction “To Break Movies”

  • Stache1

    He wants to be the next Justin Timberlake. How cute.

  • Merv

    I wouldn’t blame him. He has most of the personality and talent in the group. I’m not sure if he would be a good actor, but it’s worth a shot. You can’t stay in a boy band forever. They tend to have a short shelf life.

  • Brendan

    Yea… Justin went from Mickey Mouse Club to Boy Band to Solo Artist then broke into movies. When Harry tried to audition as a solo artist, he was turned away and only stayed on the show because he was packaged with four other guys like him and the combined charisma of all made them popular. Leaving that group after only a few years will not bode well for him… it will make him look selfish and desperate (kinda like when he dated Taylor Swift or got butterflies tattooed on his chest).

  • glitterbang

    I find Harry to be adorable & like Merv above said has the most personality of any of the I-D boys. He’s always kinda reminded me of a Jack Wild type, well suited to spastic comedy roles.

  • iBLOW

    Harry isn’t the most talented out the group it’s Zayn or Liam, I’ve heard a lot of their music and Harry’s voice is not that good and he’s screaming half the time. I’m just waiting for Harry and Louis to come out.

  • LarsNtherealboy

    Yeah Daily Star…

  • Pistolo

    I think his tabloid public persona distracts from Harry’s talent and broader appeal, he’s too attention-starved. Also, NSYNC had a definite leader in Justin Timberlake but Louis or Liam has just as powerful of a presence and appeal as Harry does…also, the kid is just annoying as all hell and without anyone else to temper that he’ll be insufferable.

  • Tommy

    I don’t know if Harry would make a good actor, but I’m sure he could make a good rockstar if he wanted to. I could see Niall being a comedic actor. Zayn is private, I’m doubtful he’ll even want to be in the public after one direction. Louis and Liam? to each their own.

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