Way to go gays! Neil Patrick Harris and Cynthia Nixon have both been nominated for Emmy Awards. Harris won the “outstanding actor” nod for his role on How I Met Your Mother, while Nixon received the honor for her guest role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Lee Pace, meanwhile, received an nomination for his role on the superb ABC series Pushing Daisies. The awards air September 21st on ABC. [Emmys]

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  • Adrien Rose

    I still can’t get over the fact that “Extras”, a british television series, was nominated for best television movie. It makes no sense.
    Either way congratulations to Neil Patrick Harris and Cynthia Nixon for their nominations, they deserved it.
    P.S: Lee Pace, hot as a man and hot as a woman. He’s flawless !

  • Alan down in Florida

    Did I miss something? How is Lee Pace flying under the media gaydar? Love him, absolutely adore the show.

  • Adrien Rose

    “Soldier’s Girl”. Once an actor plays gay, the GLBTI community will love him forever.

  • PhoenixRisingNYC

    I am so glad to see that “Pushing Daisies” received so many nominations, especially for Lee Pace, Kristin Chenoweth and Bryan Fuller (who should have gotten Emmy recognition years ago for the genius “Dead Like Me”), but it’s a shame that it didn’t get a nomination for “Outstanding Comedy Series.”

    I’m also disappointed that “How I Met Your Mother” didn’t get much more recognition than Neil Patrick Harris’ Supporting Actor nomination. While NPH does steal the show quite often, the rest of the cast is equally talented and all deserve recognition (especially the comedically genius Alyson Hannigan, who should have received Emmy recognition years ago as Willow on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), if not by individual nominations then for “Outstanding Comedy Series,” which I feel the show as a whole deserves.

  • PhoenixRisingNYC

    And speaking of Lee Pace, I have had heard from numerous sources that, much like Neil Patrick Harris and Luke MacFarlane once were (and many other actors still are), Lee is openly gay in his personal life, but professionally chooses not to speak about it.

    Now that he’s the star of a hit television series, however, I wonder if that has pushed him into the closet…hopefully not, as it hasn’t hurt the careers of the aforementioned out actors.

  • Kree

    You forgot to give props to all the out writers and directors, some of which are nominated.

  • crazylove

    How do people know whether Lee Pace is gay or not? Has he come out?

  • PhoenixRisingNYC

    From what I have heard from friends who have worked with him in the past, Lee is openly gay on a personal level but professionally he remains ambiguous.

  • crazylove

    Okay- so sort of like Anderson Cooper? One of those open secrets that the media engages in with gays. I suppose that’s cool (and I admit I am saying that partially because I think he’s cute, but whatever.).

  • l

    Is Lee Pace gay how did I not know this I LOVE LOVE LOVE him is he single? I am hyperventilating…

  • CitizenGeek

    Best of luck to Nixon and Patrick Harris! I hope they win; I like it when gay people win awards.

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