UPDATE: Hunky Closet Case Aaron Schock Shows His Not-Gay Abs

THE SHOT: The sexiest and youngest RILF of the legislative branch shows some skin on the latest issue of Men’s Health. Strangely, this latest shot comes off only slightly less gay than this one and this one.

UPDATE: According to our reliable contacts in Washington DC, Aaron Schock regularly brings his boyfriends to fundraisers and is a self-loathing closet case with anti-gay politics… just so everyone knows.

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  • patrick

    No shock and less awe.

    This just proves (again) that anyone can be a whore. But I do feel renewed justification for not trying to look like a cheese grater.

    Yes, it’s true, creepy people can do sit ups.

  • Cam

    Nice to know that not getting a jobs bill or a budget through gave him plenty of time to work out.

    This guy and his closeted status are sickening.

  • ChiGuy76

    Can we please, please, please stop giving all this attention this homophobe? Unlike much of Illinois (even unlike many Republicans here in Illinois), Mr. Schock is out of step with Illinois political mainstream when it comes to LGBT rights. He has one of the worst gay-rights voting records in Congress. Although I grudgingly admit that he is easy on the eyes, he is, however, even worse on the stomach. Why is it that this anti-gay, 29-year old, “confirmed bachelor” who is totally NOT gay only makes the gay press when he’s pictured somewhere and looking hot? What does that say about our community and our values? Why doesn’t the gay press spend more time highlighting his anti-gay and seriously bigoted views instead of his abs?

  • Bobby In Seattle

    Photoshopped and airbrushed?

  • Pete n SFO

    Does this homophobe actually understand who the readers of “Men’s Health” are???

  • mrbill

    clock ticking to he is found bent over in the stall next to Larry Craig

  • Joetx

    I don’t care how physically attractive this guy is b/c they’re totally cancelled out by his politics.

    Schock can go f himself.

  • Cam

    @Bobby In Seattle:

    Actually I think you’re right, I think it’s beyond photoshopped, I think there is a possibility that they placed his head on a different body. Unless he’s been taking steroids they body is very different then in the previous picture.

  • Jeff

    Schock sucks. Self loathing closetcase and GOP buttboy.

    Have to say it. I miss the snark of the old queerty.

  • So Yo

    @Pete n SFO: So, so true. Before the internet, I remember buying Men’s Health when I was too young to buy real porn. And I seem to remember TONS of gay porn ads in the back of the magazine as well…

  • Storm

    This guy has got to be taking the “congressional record” up the ass regularly from the senate’s other P90-X boy, Paul Ryan.


  • disco lives

    Who cares?

    Aaron Schock and his little Boehner are screwing us all.

  • Mark

    Heard this guys interview this morning on TV. He’s deep in the closet with his page.. We’ll see him on the news soon and the page will end up having a sperm stained shirt.

  • Andrew

    Anyone else notice how that photo makes him look like he could be the son of Ted Haggard?

  • Robbie K

    Totally not gay…in that I am doing my page like way…

  • drewa24

    It’s common knowledge all around the beltway that this douche takes “wood” from hot Log Cabin Republicans, and has a standing waxing appt at a very expensive salon that caters to the power gays on the hill, the same salon where Paul Ryan gets his asshole bleached.

  • mattsy

    i’d like to rape & torture him

  • Marcus

    Tsk Tsk Tsk. All I can do is shake my head at this dude and his uh, politics that don’t match up with how he lives his personal life. Nice body, though.

  • Dave (Tx)

    You know maybe we should start a belt campaign, send Shock belts to replace the one that caught on fire. We could call it Beting Shock.

  • Frank

    Yes – He is hot and WILL screw you! …but it will be out of your Social Security and Medicare!

  • Jermzy

    I’m a gay Republican and this guy is frigging dreamy. Why hate the guy just because he has differing viewpoints, he’s absolutely gorgeous :P

  • chrism

    Regularly attends functions with his boyfriend? Anyone want to provide some evidence? Name? If he is actually gay then he needs to be really outed – not just rumor and innuendo. Call Ken Melhman, he was in that terribly crowded closet long enough to know all their names.

  • Tony

    I don’t know if he is gay or not..i don’t assume the worst of people..but reading the comments and “sexiest and youngest RILF” explain why a straight person shouldn’t want to be around gays?

  • Riker

    @Jermzy: “Why hate a guy because of a differing viewpoint?” You mean like voting away our civil rights? You mean like voting against meaningful health care for all of us? You mean like creating a climate of intolerance for glbts? Who cares how “dreamy” someone is if they’re self-hating, internalized homophobes – like 99% of gay Republicans?

  • mmk

    If the comments above are coming from a gay crowd then I surely hope Rep Schock is NOT gay! Your a nasty bunch, intolerant of others, and a selfish entitlement group. It is always easy to spend other people’s money.


    @Riker: You stupid little dicked pussy boys need to lick your fucking wounds and resume suckling on yo momma’s tits…

    If what I wrote is offensive to some of you ignorant drama queens, then I’ve more than done my job. The bigotry, hyperbole and dumb shit you make up are absolutely pathetic!

    Lick Yo Puss

  • Ryan

    I have no idea when it happened, but at some point shirts stopped being an option at Gay parties. When so much of socializing is done sans shirt, it heightens the pressure to be totally skinny. Ultimately, fuck you all — abs like that are NOT normal unless you spend 2 or more (usually MORE) hours a day in a gym. And you know what that is? Obsessive compulsive disorder.

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