Oath of office

Out Representative Brian Sims sworn in for round three

Brian Sims has been a face of sanity (not to mention charming adorability) throughout this most recent devolution of our national political atmosphere.

The two-time Pennsylvania Representative from Philadelphia has been fighting the good fight, even as the pillars of justice appear to crumple any which way you look.

Well now he’s back for round three.

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Sims took to Facebook to share the news that he’s been sworn in for a third time to “vigorously serve the citizens of Center City Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

We may not all live in your constituency, Brian, but you can be be damned sure we’re standing right there with you!

He continued:

The opportunity and the privilege to serve my friends and neighbors remains the highest honor of my life and today I swore upon the U.S. Constitution to continue to perform this job with dignity and fidelity.

Thank you for every ounce of support, determination and resolve that you have shown to me and shared with me. The citizens of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth deserve the greatest service from our elected officials and I swear again today to bring only my best, each and every day, as their public servant.

With resolve and determination,

Rep. Brian Sims

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