Republican Candidates Lead The Pack On The Wrong Side Of History Of Marriage Equality

A day that for so many will be remembered as an affirmation of love, respect and equality will for others go down as a blight on our downward-spiraling society. And who are these sticks in the mud?

Namely, social conservative Republicans and other bee-in-their-bonnet antigay activists.

When the inevitable DLB penned, Gus Van Sant directed (or some similar combination) Oscar-winning film chronicling the journey to American marriage equality is produced, these are the people who will cringe when they’re cast as the villains.

But hey, maybe it’ll be a period piece in 100 years and they’ll never have to deal with it.

Either way, they’ve secured their spots on the wrong side of history: 

Mike Huckabee just couldn’t contain himself:

Tony Perkins went on a similar tirade — maybe he and Huckabee should just cut through the tension and go on a date:

Rick Santorum offered his expected brand of close-mindedness:

Bobby Jindal weaseled out these thoughts:

Scott Walker thinks he knows best:

And then there are the Republicans clinging to the states’ rights argument as if it weren’t a thinly veiled way of saying “screw you, gays”:

Jeb Bush:

“Guided by my faith, I believe in traditional marriage. I believe the Supreme Court should have allowed the states to make this decision. I also believe that we should love our neighbor and respect others, including those making lifetime commitments. In a country as diverse as ours, good people who have opposing views should be able to live side by side. It is now crucial that as a country we protect religious freedom and the right of conscience and also not discriminate.”

Chris Christie:

Here’s our response to all of the above:

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