“Republicans Are For Equal Marriage,” Says ‘Clueless’ Fox News Contributor

showbiz_stacey_dashStacey Dash, the actress who famously portrayed “Dionne” in 1995’s Clueless, is apparently more clueless now than ever.

The 47-year-old was confronted by a TMZ photographer while hiking with her insanely hot boyfriend (25-year-old model Michael Eversswoon) in Los Angeles yesterday, and probed about the GOP’s position on “equal marriage.”

Dash has recently raised a few eyebrows as the new “Hollywood Republican” contributor for the Fox News channel. As you can see in the clip below, she’s most likely confused about what the GOP actually stands for:

“We are for equal marriage, we’re not against that. We’re not against that at all. We believe everyone should have the same rights…[mixed messages] are just propaganda, and that’s just not true. That’s just a certain amount of people, you can’t just throw a blanket over everyone because certain people have one opinion.”

Oh, ok! Now that we’ve cleared up that misunderstanding, guess we’ll just focus on the fact that the Texas GOP just added ‘endorsing reparative therapy’ to their official platform.