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Republicans Are Leaving the Gays Alone, So How Come Democrats Are Pussying Out On Us?

In the 2010 election cycle, Republicans have mostly given up on victimizing America’s gays as a way to get voters to the polls. (Sorry, Muslims and Mexicans!) So why haven’t Democrats seen the hints and realized they no longer have to be afraid of us queers?

Keith Boykin tells The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur that Democrats have a reason to be fearful of of LGBT issues. See: Clinton White House. But they’re also scared of defending any typically “Democratic issue,” whether it’s civil rights for gays or religious freedoms for Muslims.

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  • Ivad Enuffofya

    Erm didn’t they do enough to us in the previous 8 yrs when The Bush administration fucked us over? We see your true blue coming thru Qweerty ! You are so transparent guys

  • Jack E. Jett

    That is the best question ever posed on this blog.

    Why are the Dems such total pusspansies when it comes to gay issues? And what IS a Joe Solomese?

  • s_b

    Because the Dems are a bunch of infuriating cowards?

  • sam

    Why does the black guy talk so fast? It’s offputting

  • adman

    @sam: Ummm, because he’s handsome, well spoken, well appointed, and done the work to get a job in the media that grooms people to get a complex message across in a very short time? You’ll have to excuse me Sam, but I’m clicking over to his site to read his hotness, erm, thoughts. See ya.

  • justin

    Maybe it’s similar to how this article uses sexist language in the title even though we should be, in theory, in solidarity with women’s rights?

  • Talarico

    @sam: Cunt.

  • Lonnie

    Because the Democratic Party has NEVER been with us? Seriously, folks, this is the game the Democrats play with ALL social movements, at least as far back at the Populist Movement in the 1890s: when a movement gets so big it threatens the status quo, the Democrats step in to co-opt our leaders and divert our struggle from our rights to voting for them. We won’t be free until we BREAK our addiction to the Democrats. It’s as simple, and as amazingly difficult, as that.

    We’ve convinced ourselves that the Democrats are better than the Republicans because they only punch us five times in the face while the Republicans punch us six times. Wrong way of looking at things. We shouldn’t be punched in the face at all and any party that punches us in the face deserves our contempt, not our support.

    Of course, this truth is very hard to hear through all the Lavender Lapdogs that the Democratic Party sends out every four years to remind us how evil the Republicans are and how “this is the most important election of our lives, so we have to vote for the Democrats.” Will we buy this bullshit in 2012? Sadly, most of us will. But a small and growing minority of the lgbt community is getting it and we’re building the groundwork now for our victories tomorrow.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Lonnie: Don’t forget the pretty easter eggs we got (twice!!!!) at WH easter egg hunts.

    They should count for something.


  • RichardR

    Responding to the issues posed in QT’s headline, Republicans are hardly leaving gays alone – other groups are just taking a lot of GOP heat just now. They’ll get back to us any time it gets them bucks or votes.

    As to why democrats are pussying out on us? It’s because democrats are and have been pussying out (forgive me, I’m just repeating QT’s language) on just about everything. Wusses. From the top down.

    In a related matter, that Boykin is as cute as he is smart. Go, Keith. Loves me a smart looker.

    To other posters on this thread, I hear you about the major parties. Present realities, particularly the makeup of the Supreme Court, are perhaps the principle reason to support the incumbent. Not saying I like it, but that, and no campaign-driven “promises,” are why I voted for B.O. And will again, if he’s the 2012 candidate. But don’t tell them that – let ’em worry a little.

  • Phil Barlow

    @Talarico: Shame on you!

  • Phil Barlow

    Wow, now I know how Alice felt when she fell through the hole. This is the first time I’ve been here so I didn’t know ahead of time that it was owned by Rupert Murdock. Are Fox news writers the only ones allowed to post. What drivel, slamming the Dems. I have always been a liberal and a progressive, but I have learned that too often we become zealots and allow the good or very good to be the enemy of our hoped for paradise. Let’s make sure that we self immolate so that we destroy any chance of progress. An aircraft carrier doesn’t turn on a dime, nor can the politicians. If you want social security, medicare and the new health care program abolished and more not less financial deregulation then go ahead; pour gasoline all over yourself and enjoy a cigarette.

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