Republicans Changing Their Tune On Gay Marriage Faster Than You Can Say “I Do”

gaymarriage_2245445bHere’s a newsflash for you: politicians want to win elections.

And with marriage equality continuing to pick up steam across America, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to win an election with an antigay platform.

Which, let’s face it, has been a specialty of conservative Republicans.

But if there’s one thing outspokenly antigay Republicans hate more than gay marriage, it’s losing their seats in office.

Power trumps bigotry, who know?

Washington Post recently ran a column looking at evidence from American politics that antigay marriage sentiments are on a steep decline.

Here are some encouraging highlights:

Young people are ushering in a stunning change in public opinion on the issue of same sex marriage, and record levels of Americans now support this cause. According to a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, 58% of Americans now support gay marriage, which marks a remarkable 26 percentage point jump in just nine years. The most sizeable support comes from 18-29 year olds, where 81% now believe gay marriage should be legal, an increase of 24 percentage points from 2004.

It’s worth a read, if only for this incredible statistic: “nearly two-thirds of millennial evangelicals support gay marriage.”

And there does seem to be a noticeable shift in how gay rights are discussed, with those holding on to anti-gay beliefs appearing more and more to be on the fringe.

Though road blocks remain numerous and substantial, it’s satisfying to know that the future is bright for gay rights in America.