Republicans Finally Acknowledge Fred Karger’s Mere Existence

Fred Karger is our favorite universally-ignored gay Republican presidential candidate. He hasn’t gotten into any debates or major TV interviews (other than one with Bryan Safi which totally doesn’t count). And just as GOProud’s resident gun-nut Jimmy LaSalvia called out Karger for “playing a stunt… [that] has run its course… [by] running around the country with a rainbow flag,” the California Republican Party decided to let him attend their September convention. Michele Bachmann’s gonna be there! And Ron Paul (as if anybody cares)!

God we hope that Karger gets to speak and just spends his time calling out GOP presidential candidates for their retrogressive anti-gay views. He’d never get invited to any political event ever again for the rest of his life, but he’d definitely go down as the most awesome gay Republican in history ever Ever EVER.

Now that the GOP has tossed Karger a soup bone of legitimacy, will he have a shot at getting into NBC News-sponsored debate at the Ronald Reagan Library on Wednesday, September 7th? We’re not holding our breath.