Republicans Finally Acknowledge Fred Karger’s Mere Existence

Fred Karger is our favorite universally-ignored gay Republican presidential candidate. He hasn’t gotten into any debates or major TV interviews (other than one with Bryan Safi which totally doesn’t count). And just as GOProud’s resident gun-nut Jimmy LaSalvia called out Karger for “playing a stunt… [that] has run its course… [by] running around the country with a rainbow flag,” the California Republican Party decided to let him attend their September convention. Michele Bachmann’s gonna be there! And Ron Paul (as if anybody cares)!

God we hope that Karger gets to speak and just spends his time calling out GOP presidential candidates for their retrogressive anti-gay views. He’d never get invited to any political event ever again for the rest of his life, but he’d definitely go down as the most awesome gay Republican in history ever Ever EVER.

Now that the GOP has tossed Karger a soup bone of legitimacy, will he have a shot at getting into NBC News-sponsored debate at the Ronald Reagan Library on Wednesday, September 7th? We’re not holding our breath.

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  • Maddie

    Ok news

  • Samwise

    “He’d never get invited to any political event ever again for the rest of his life, but he’d definitely go down as the most awesome gay Republican in history ever Ever EVER.”

    Nah, I think that honor goes to the Log Cabin Republicans who brought that lawsuit against DADT. A gay guy calling out GOP political candidates for being anti-gay is not particularly novel or world-shaking, regardless of his party affiliation.

  • Little Kiwi

    Gay Republicans are sad losers with fathers that resent them and quite frankly they’re the most pathetic, embarrassing, testicle-deprived cowards in the USA.

    we get it. you suck up to your bigoted mommies and daddies. it’s shameful.

  • Red Meat

    @Samwise: Samwise? more like Samblind.

  • Riker

    @Little Kiwi: I’m a gay Republican from an entire family of Democrats. I also am quite gifted in the testicle department, thank you very much.

    Please don’t stereotype me

  • christoball13

    I’m glad he is finally getting a little recognition. Trash talk all you desire, but where is the openly LGBT democrat presidential candidate? The oppressed always have to try and marginalize each other and step on each other. If everyone is working towards equality, it should not matter what their political affiliation is. Sorry that you have been hurt, you can dwell on it or strive to bring forth change.

  • Mike

    ***And Ron Paul (as if anybody cares)!***

    You are totally clueless.

  • Storm

    If there’s a political stunt that’s run its course and should pack up and go home – it’s the ridiculously misnamed GOPROUD.

  • Cam

    @Samwise: said…

    “Nah, I think that honor goes to the Log Cabin Republicans who brought that lawsuit against DADT.”

    That lawsuit was brought when Patrick Guarino was the Log Cabin president. He also refused to have Log Cabin endorse Bush for his anti-gay views and the group was soundly attacked for it. He had integrity.

    The current leader, Clark Cooper, who worked for the Bush family and wasn’t even fully out until fairly recently, has made it plain that he considers it his job to support and give cover to the republican party and not to lookout for gay issues. He endorsed the OPPONENT of the man who introduced the DADT repeal in the house and sent out an e-mail crowing about his defeat even though the man who beat him was not good on gay issues.

    So trying to pretend that Log Cabin cares about gay rights is a lie, the group you are talking about no longer exists.

  • Bk83

    Wouldn’t LINCOLN be the most awesome gay Republican ever??

  • Riker

    @Cam: Just because it existed at one point and currently does not, doesn’t mean that it won’t exist again in the future. Rather than abandoning it entirely, we should be trying to effect change inside it. That’s a large part of why i’m a gay Republican – we can’t gain equality without the support of at least some Republicans. Without the votes of a few brave souls in New York, we would not have marriage equality there.

    My (Republican) State Senator, for whom I had worked last election season, was one of the speculated swing votes. I personally know he isn’t anti-gay, but after he voted no, I informed him that I would not be returning to his campaign next year because of his vote. I also told him that I would be encouraging someone else from the county Republican committee to run against him in a primary.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @christoball13: @Riker: You are casting pearls before swine, my friends. It makes me sick that the gay “community” will shun a 100% pro-gay, openly gay Republican in favor of a breeder Democrat who gay-bashed his way through his South Carolina campaign, had a genocidal goy preacher give the invocation at his coronation, and endorses bills he knows full well won’t pass just to shut us up. Some of you are so desperate it’s hilarious. I haven’t laughed so much at the pathetic way you try to lap up the Obama snake oil since The Simpsons were still funny. That was more than 10 years ago.

    @Little Kiwi: Fine talk from someone from Canada, a country whose film output produced enough good movies to count on one hand, whose only advantage over the USA is marriage equality, whose pathetic “hate speech” laws don’t go far enough to prosecute hatemongers, when if they had any teeth the Bible and the Koran would be contraband. But just keep projecting your father issues on every gay man and woman to the right of Stalin.

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