Republicans Just Love Gay Marriage

simpsons-gayWho’s the latest Republican icon to endorse the freedom to marry? Why, it’s  the delightful former Senator and crotchety grampa Alan Simpson. A longtime fixture of Wyoming politics, he’s now endorsed the freedom to marry. Simpson’s one of those good-old-fashioned rootin-tootin plain-talkin old coots that would be more at home in a Frank Capra movie than in real life, so it’s real treat to have him on our side.

Years ago, when Simpson was trying to remember the name of Eminem, he referred to him as “Enema Man.” This isn’t really related to gay marriage, but we just have to mention it because it is so funny.

It’s no big surprise that Republicans are endorsing marriage equality in ever-increasing numbers. They can see the writing on the wall as well as anyone else, and they know that if they don’t get on board now, they’ll get left behind. Simpson is retired, so his endorsement doesn’t exactly signal a shift in official party leadership. But it certainly gives political cover to whoever wants to join him.

In other marriage news, Utah and Oklahoma are both in the midst of a marriage equality appeal. Utah had oral argument last week, and Oklahoma will have argument on Thursday of this week.

And hey, how about those southern states? Places like Louisiana and North Carolina may not have reached a majority in favor of marriage yet, but it’s only a matter of time. In every state, even the very most conservative, support is rising, so every time a new survey comes out it’s like a special little present. Hooray!