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  • Paul Raposo

    I thought gays controlled Hollywood? Why then do all the plum roles go to straight actors?

  • M Shane

    If Jim Carey is evangeical I can see why he’s so intuititvely distasteful; It’ not so amazing to think that he would be dumb enough to think that he could learn something in a gay bar.
    McGregor showed some good skin in the “Picture Bride”, of course it looked best after they skinned him,and made him into a book.
    I’m sure he’s been in a gay bar before. Carey may not have been in a bar before at all. Church must be where he gets that offensive smile. The bottom line with evangelicals is making money,so they probably let him, as long as he swore off sexa nd promised to give a bundle to some shyster.

  • Puddy Katz

    R1 I went to your self-promoted site and found not one reference that supported the claim that Carrey is an evangelical, whatever that means. (I assume there are at least a few “liberal” evengelicals.) I did a search in your search box on Carrey and came up with nothing. Are you just promoting your blog.
    I have never heard anything anti-gay about Jim Carrey.

  • Puddy Katz

    Also r1, Wikipedia only says he “attended a Presbyterian Church” in the 1990s with his family.
    Presbyterians come in all stripes and colors, from pro-gay to anti-gay.
    I would hardly call them evangelical however.

  • queerunity

    my blog is my signature comment on every post i make, i never suggested i blogged about jim carrey. i had heard he became a born again, this could be inaccurate but thats why i brought it up here to see what others had to say.

  • Alec

    I thought he was one of those SF zen buddhist types? Hardly evangelical. Flaky? Probably. Fundy? I doubt it.

  • Kid A

    His favorite band is Cannibal Corpse…I’m thinking he’s not too religious as to not enjoy death metal.

  • GoodBuddy

    There have been a number of accusations of homophobic overtones in Jim Carrey’s movies. He really isn’t a candidate for a GLAAD Media Award. But times change and people do too.

    Concerning comment 2: “I thought gays controlled Hollywood? Why then do all the plum roles go to straight actors?”

    Not many people get to be movie stars. For every star there are probably over 1,000 wannabes. So producers and investors can be very selective, and they do not want to take risks. So if there is a movie being cast, they will pick the actor who is non-controversial over the one that might lead to people staying away. I cannot think of a single instance of a person who came out and became a star. In recent years a few stars have come out and not had there careers end. Very few. Ian McKellan comes to mind. But they don’t play straight.

    The same thing works in politics.

  • M Shane

    From various sites, Carrey is a Presbyterian. Which seems to besort of non commital .re; sexuality .Still seems odd to go to a gay bar to learn how to do (be ) it..

  • thatguyfromboston

    I would gladly provide ‘coaching’ to Ewan MacGregor.

  • M Shane

    He was nude in” Picture Bride” : nice body.: great movie if you like design & art films. I think Greenwald made it.

  • Devon Fairchild

    Why not go to a gay and lesbian center instead of a gay bar ?

  • Jaroslaw

    To elaborate a bit on GoodBuddy’s points about why certain actors are chosen to play certain parts – I agree with everything he said and add: Gay actors, out or not, don’t want to be typecast as Gay if they take a Gay but an indisputably straight person does not have the problem of taking a Gay role occasionally (assuming their career is so insignificant or so strong, that it doesn’t matter). Also the closeted Gay actor stays away from roles which may draw attention to the fact he/she doesn’t have an opposite sex partner/spouse.

  • todd

    Jenny McCarthy is a Catholic. I hardly think she would ever date a Born Again lunatic. And I think Ewan has played gay before.

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