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POLL: Prop 8 Trial Perry v. Schwarzenegger Is Near The End. Who’s Going to Win?


On Wednesday,’s bungled defense argument came to a close, bringing the fate of gay marriage in California, and likely beyond, to a halt — until each side offers their closing arguments, and Judge Vaughn Walker issues his ruling. We expect him to be thorough in his decision, but really, this baby is headed to the Supreme Court either way. You just won’t find out which side is going to be filing the appeal until March, the earliest anyone is expecting Vaughn to listen to the attorneys again. (The attorneys for both sides, meanwhile, are continuing the real fun: Making their cases in the media.) Now, after reading all the reports and following the live tweets, how do you think things will end up?

And remember, the plaintiffs (Team Olson-Boies) are the ones who want to legalize gay marriage, while the defendants (Team Cooper-Thompson) want Prop 8 upheld.