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Retailer Will No Longer Sell ‘Batty Boy’ Superhero Card

Clinton Cards, the British retailer, is pulling the “Batman wasn’t happy with his new sidekick” card from its stores after everyone went on the twitters and starting the bitchings. Something about the man in red being labeled “batty boy,” I’m guessing. Says a rep for the company: “We are aware of the card in question and are withdrawing it from our stores. The stocking of this card was a result of a flaw in our procurement process. The content is clearly not appropriate for our customers and we apologise for any offence caused.” Now can somebody tell me what occasion somebody was supposed to even buy this card for? Or how the card even made it through the legal department without proper licensing from DC Comics?

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  • Jeff K.

    Actually, I think it’s kind of cute. :P

  • Robbie K

    I like it

  • ron

    Another reason to hate England. That country has gone so far down the road of political correctness and Islamification it is hopeless.

  • ewe

    It’s all so brainless and petty.

  • DataCold

    Cute? Really? What if it said “Faggy Boy” instead would that have been cute as well?

  • alan brickman

    develope a sense of humour….no wonder equal rights are taking so long….

  • kayla

    ‘Batty boy’ is British slang for fag…. Obviously Americans don’t understand what horrible meaning it conveys, it was brought over to the United Kingdom with Jamaican immigrants….As a person with a West Indian mom and Brit dad, I definitely think the card was tres offensive and was rightfully pulled!

  • ukgay

    dunno, i find that pretty offensive actually. as in, it reminds me of being called a batty boy by various thugs at various points in my life. maybe i should just get over it.

    for US readers, batty boy = faggot, pretty much. HILARIOUS.

  • alan brickman

    grow lives already…..

  • Jeff K.

    @kayla: And you all think “poofter” hideous and vile too. It sounds like something my mother uses to put on makeup.

    You Brits need to think up some better slurs; some with a little bit of bite to them.

  • kayla

    @Jeff K.: I’m not British, my father is….And the only reason you think the word “fag” is meaner that “batty boy” is because from the first moment you heard it you associated it with it’s true and horrible meaning…while in Britain, it’s a cigarette…. Of course, now the American meaning has crossed the pond…If you had grown up hearing the word “batty boy” it would sound much harsher to your ears, as is the case for me….

  • Petey

    No. 9 · alan brickman

    “grow lives already…..”

    You need to grow a fucking brain.

  • Franky

    Batty boy, chi chi man, poofter. All these are slang for fag. Two are mainly West Indian but they were both brought over to the UK. People finding this cute, imagine it said “faggy boy” on it instead. Pretty sure you wouldn’t find it so cute.

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