Retired Gay Soccer Star Robbie Rogers May Return To Gay-Friendly American Sports League

hi-res-120795546_crop_exact2013 is shaping up to be one of the gayest years in American sports yet—following NBA star Jason Collins‘ high-profile coming out this week, 25-year-old British soccer player Robbie Rogers has announced his potential return to the sport with David Beckham’s former team, LA Galaxy.

Rogers retired from the sport after coming out in a blog post on his personal website in February, claiming he no longer wanted to work in an industry that had “hid his secret.” Though his contract is still with Chicago Fire, he began training with LA Galaxy this week.

Rogers told The Guardian last month that if he did return to the game, it would likely be with LA Galaxy.

“There’s a good chance that I might come back,” Rogers said in an interview with CNN. “But I need a few months to chill out, hang out with my family, go surf in California, just relax.”

Chicago Fire coach Frank Klopas is supportive of Rogers’ return, but says there’s been no discussion of a possible trade. “It’s great that he’s back into it,” he said. “He’s a young man with a lot of years left and it’s something he loves doing. You can never get that back when its past. His home is in LA and he went to go back and play and I think that’s great news.”

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  • fredo777

    he should have never quit in the first place, but i suppose he had his own reasons.

  • Homophile

    Confidential to Robbie: Call me!

  • Lefty

    When he says “legs in bits”, is that sporting terminology or are his legs literally in bits?
    Because that sounds quite serious.
    Isn’t soccerball one of the ones where the legs are kind of important?
    I hope he gets back in shape, then. Though he looks in shape, to me; judging by those two pictures above.
    Though, to be fair, his legs aren’t in either. I’m sure they’re very nice, though…

  • bledoutcolor

    Hope he comes back. Wish he never felt pressured to leave in the first place. Inb4 any commenters calling him a coward, STFU. Its people like you that made him leave in the first place, and if he goes back to play he can still proudly represent the gay community. While it would have been nice to have had him come out as a role model for queer youth and fought to stay in the sport he loves, we have to be sensitive to his own unique challenges, and the fact that he came out in the first place is courageous enough for me. He certainly doesn’t deserve abuse from anyone not directly in his situation, as long as he doesn’t do anything to harm the gay community and doesn’t stand idly by while the gay community is hurt then he is good in my book.

  • Dakotahgeo

    A huge and terrific Welcoming Back Party, Robbie! This is indeed good news!!! All the best!!

  • Alejandro

    Good for him!

  • ChiChi Man

    Hallelujah! Though it will be hard to watch the game without fantasizing about a Robbie Rogers-David Beckham sandwich ;-)

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