Retired Military Leaders Come Out Against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell took a severe blow today. A study released today asserts that openly gay soldiers do not threaten unit cohesion.

Such a statement wouldn’t normally be a big deal – we’ve all seen that Britain and Israel’s respective militaries haven’t crumbled to the queers, a point that comes up in this study.

The most signification aspect of this report is that the coordinators came in the form of four retired military officers, including a Republican who helped implement the discriminatory military measure…

Air Force Lt. Gen. Robert Minter Alexander, a Republican, was assigned in 1993 to a high-level panel established by the Defense Department to examine the issue of gays in the military. At one point, he signed an order that prohibited the military from asking a recruit’s sexual orientation.

Alexander said at the time he was simply trying to carry out the president’s orders and not take a position. But he now believes the law should be repealed because it assumes the existence of gays in the military is disruptive to units even though cultural attitudes are changing.

Further, the Defense Department and not Congress should be in charge of regulating sexual misconduct within the military, he said.

“Who else can better judge whether it’s a threat to good order and discipline?” Alexander asked.

We’re assuming that’s hypothetical, but we’ll go ahead and say “no one.” Now, someone pass this along to John McCain…

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  • fri

    woohoo!! maybe one day, i can achieve my lifelong dream of dropping bombs on poor brown folks while being open about my sexuality! boo homophobia!!! yay racism!!!

  • DK

    I dunno, Fri. I read enough stories about how the cops treat us queers, and they actually allow us to serve openly! Having millions of highly trained killers being taught that homosexuality is something that should be suppressed is enough to send shivers down my spine.

  • kevin57

    This helps the slow drip-drip-drip of doing away with DADT, but no number of studies, analyses, or conference reports will so much as dent the haters’ opposition. I heard that idiot Fred Barnes saying that what McCain needs to do is once again run on the “anti-gay” agenda, most especially in favor of DADT. I think he’s dead wrong. That will, indeed, rally the base, but that base is getting smaller and smaller.

  • Brandon

    tbh, if the draft was ever reinstated i would really like having the DADT policy cuz if i got drafted for this stupid f’ing war i would show up to boot camp in drag

  • RPCV

    I get shivers thinking that a girly femme could wield a gun protecting my national security… “Oh, I can’t put on that helmet!!! It’ll mess my ‘do!!!!!” If it comes to that, then we need to think about contracting out our national security to Blackwater, where MEN work…..

  • Brandon

    rpcv you must really really hate yourself lol

  • im2bused

    RPCV, i hope you’re just joking

  • Brandon

    oh he isnt. isnt that messed up? rofl

  • Brandon

    shouldnt someone moderate mary john’s spamming? boobs and sports are gross…..

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