Anti-Gay Army Threatens America, Families

Retired Navy Captain Wants DADT Sunk

The United States spent 24 of its precious hours honoring our veterans yesterday. As millions came together in militaristic remembrance, retired Navy Capt. Sandy Geiselman lamented one of America’s most conspicuous pieces of discrimination: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. As part of her piece, Geiselman points out three of the law’s fundamental flaws…

First, DADT threatens our national security by prohibiting able-bodied and intelligent gays and lesbians. Second, it’s fucking rude. We’ll let Geiselman make the third and final point:

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” flies in the face of family values. As the mother of two daughters, I know just how difficult it can be to maintain a family while serving in our forces. This law, however, makes it doubly so. There are no benefits or support for same-sex families in the armed forces, and for those deployed abroad, keeping a family unit intact while serving in the shadows of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is nearly impossible.

That should get conservatives’, but oh-so-many of them don’t consider gays “family”.

Those poor, ignorant apes.