Hot on the heels of Sharon Stone’s “karma” comments and well into post-“Goddamn America” era, anti-gay activist Wes Vernon penned a piece blasting Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell opponents by suggesting we want to see the States smolder: “The bottom line is the policy would seriously cripple our military’s ability to its job — defending you and me… Is it possible that some in this coalition for tearing down our defenses are people who — for whatever reason — hate this country and want the United States to ‘get what’s coming to it.’” [Renew America]

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  • CAm

    The Israeli army allows openly gay and lesbian soldiers to serve, and they are tasked with defending their country against constant attacks from outside foes. Considering that their country still exists I would say that is a pretty good example that having openly gay soldiers will not lead to a collapse of of the U.S. armed forces if they did away with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

  • hell's kitchen guy

    Tell him to tell it to all the retired general, admirals, etc. who oppose the policy.

  • abelincoln

    Mr. Wes Vernon – please bend over and get what’s coming to you.

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