Return Of The Living End

Queer director Greg Araki made a splash in 1992 when he debuted The Living End, which follows two HIV positive men on the run in a decidedly dark America.

Now, sixteen years on, a remastered The Living End‘s making its DVD debut – and journo Christopher Wallenberg sat down with Araki to discuss his reaction to the revamped flick, disastrous relationships and Araki’s so-called gay sensibility.

CH: Do you think you have a specific gay sensibility as a filmmaker? Has your sexuality informed the making and writing of your films?

GA: My sensibility has been shaped by a lot of things—one of which is my sexuality. But I think I’ve also been profoundly influenced by music and alternative culture and every movie I’ve ever seen, from Hitchcock to Godard. Being gay is just one of the things that has influenced me. But I think it’s a positive influence in that it puts you outside of the mainstream culture, which I think makes you more of a challenger as opposed to being…one of the sheep.

If only all homos could say that…

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  • johnny k

    Not quite sure why they run KMFDM in the advert, but it’s awesome.

  • Dubwise

    LOVE this movie. Glad it has been re-released.

  • Xylitol

    Can’t wait to see this movie again. It was sooo edgy and aggressive for its time. I saw it at a special screening at a midwestern campus, and it blew me away.

    Based on the trailer, the two leads look much hotter (and younger) than I remember.

  • Anarchos

    Because KMFDM was part of the soundtrack of the film. If memory serves, KMFDM is playing as one of the characters spray paints “I BLAME SOCIETY” onto public property. Fitting, no? I love Araki’s films. I enjoyed that he went with Smiley Face, something a bit lighter in heart, after Mysterious Skin, but I look forward to future works more serious in tone.

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