Rev. Admonished For Same-Sex Blessing

Anglican Reverend Jim Cotter got a good finger-wagging after blessing a lesbian couple’s same-sex union.

Cotter says he received approval from the local church council, but the Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan, caught wind of the event and put his foot down. Morgan and his underlings informed their congregants that they did not approve of the event and made clear they won’t tolerate such gay shenanigans:

The service which took place at St Hywyn’s Aberdaron on July 12 should not have taken place and the Archbishop is dealing with the matter.

The Church in Wales regards marriage as the lifelong union between a man and a woman and this is what is conveyed in its liturgy and recognized in law.

The Church in Wales does, however, affirm the value of committed friendships between people of the same sex and clergy are encouraged to minister sensitively and pastorally to gay and lesbian people.

Well, it’s certainly nice to know the Church allows people of the same sex to be friends…