Rev. Grant Storms Called ‘Sex In The Middle Of The Street’ Immoral. He Was Just Cuffed For Park Jerking

Smooth move, Rev. Grant Storms. The Louisiana pastor who has railed against the gays and your disgusting Southern Decadence festival just earned himself a rap sheet — for masturbating in a public park in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie. While allegedly watching little kids.

The Friday arrest came after two witnesses reported to police they saw Storms touching himself “while watching children on the playground at Lafreniere Park.”

And what awesome excuse did he have for police when they showed up? That he was having lunch at the park and had to relieve himself, so he used a bottle. The women who saw him insist he was doing something much more obscene.

Yes, this is the same guy who says Southern Decadence is “nasty” and “depraved” and celebrates “perversion” … which is part of the fun. And most ironically, back in 2003 he argued “having oral sex in the middle of the street or masturbating is illegal and immoral.” How about in an open field?

Maybe Storms will learn a little something about what the law actually says: He’s been booked on obscenity charges. He was released yesterday because of overcrowding in the jails. If convicted he faces a fine of $1,000-$2,500 and and/or a prison sentence of six months to three years.