He Said, She Said

Rev Run’s Son JoJo Simmons Denies Hook-up With Trans Woman

UPDATE: After speaking with GLAAD Simmons has apologized for his comments.


JoJo Simmons, a musician and eldest son of hip-hop pioneer Rev Run, was caught up in a bit of a colorful “he said, she said” kerfuffle with Julisa Abad, a member of the transgender community.

According to Abad, 22-year-old Simmons contacted her on Twitter earlier this month, “looking to chill,” and the two exchanged texts before arranging to meet.

Abad, who describes herself as a “pr n Dominican TS women” in her Twitter profile and claims to be equally straightforward in all her social-media profiles, insists that Simmons only got upset when Abad didn’t throw herself at him.

In a video made for WorldStarHipHop.com, she shows screen captures of several texts allegedly received from Simmons that indicate his interest in meeting up and his promise not to “judge” her. And, Abad remarks that, “since I’m not the right tranny for JoJo and maybe there’s one that is,” she gave out his Twitter name, email address and phone number.

Simmons responded to the allegations and blog chatter in a series of less-than-eloquent tweets which he has since deleted from his page.

“But I don’t lie he hit me nd when pix were sent I knew wussup from the jump so i left it alone real nigga shit” JoJo tweeted on November 16.

“To crazy this nigga tried to flip it talking bout it’s a ill freak sending pix of bitches ass nd “it” know damn well the t.s. Wasnt there,” he added in a subsequent tweet. “‘it’ had a bitches ass in its avi when it tried to hit me.. yea I said I dont judge it before I knew it was a it nd it was sayin its a freak.”

Finally, Simmons tweets: “All this gay shit cool.out with that i dont judge nobody but I aint no faggot all my bitches know.”

Even if Abad’s revelation wasn’t true and she was just looking to make a name for herself (she claims she “has done a few reality things” and is “just looking to network and make the world aware”) it doesn’t excuse JoJo Simmons’ transphobic and homophobic language.

Didn’t your father teach you better?

Photo of JoJo Simmons by Justin Borucki