He Said, She Said

Rev Run’s Son JoJo Simmons Denies Hook-up With Trans Woman

UPDATE: After speaking with GLAAD Simmons has apologized for his comments.


JoJo Simmons, a musician and eldest son of hip-hop pioneer Rev Run, was caught up in a bit of a colorful “he said, she said” kerfuffle with Julisa Abad, a member of the transgender community.

According to Abad, 22-year-old Simmons contacted her on Twitter earlier this month, “looking to chill,” and the two exchanged texts before arranging to meet.

Abad, who describes herself as a “pr n Dominican TS women” in her Twitter profile and claims to be equally straightforward in all her social-media profiles, insists that Simmons only got upset when Abad didn’t throw herself at him.

In a video made for WorldStarHipHop.com, she shows screen captures of several texts allegedly received from Simmons that indicate his interest in meeting up and his promise not to “judge” her. And, Abad remarks that, “since I’m not the right tranny for JoJo and maybe there’s one that is,” she gave out his Twitter name, email address and phone number.

Simmons responded to the allegations and blog chatter in a series of less-than-eloquent tweets which he has since deleted from his page.

“But I don’t lie he hit me nd when pix were sent I knew wussup from the jump so i left it alone real nigga shit” JoJo tweeted on November 16.

“To crazy this nigga tried to flip it talking bout it’s a ill freak sending pix of bitches ass nd “it” know damn well the t.s. Wasnt there,” he added in a subsequent tweet. “‘it’ had a bitches ass in its avi when it tried to hit me.. yea I said I dont judge it before I knew it was a it nd it was sayin its a freak.”

Finally, Simmons tweets: “All this gay shit cool.out with that i dont judge nobody but I aint no faggot all my bitches know.”

Even if Abad’s revelation wasn’t true and she was just looking to make a name for herself (she claims she “has done a few reality things” and is “just looking to network and make the world aware”) it doesn’t excuse JoJo Simmons’ transphobic and homophobic language.

Didn’t your father teach you better?

Photo of JoJo Simmons by Justin Borucki

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  • greenluv1322

    I think the entire family is probably homophobic. His father is a “rev.” I find his language to be very offensive. His seems very immature.

  • greenluv1322

    *He not *his

  • christopher di spirito

    What is it with trans post threads on Queerty lately? I get having a few but they seem to dominate everything of late.

    How about a moratorium on trans threads or at least, post them every other day?

  • mrbrodybrown

    JoJo Simmons tweeted this an hour ago: “Sorry to my fans & LGBT community for how I handled the recent situation. Using anti-gay & anti-transgender slurs is wrong.”

  • Riker

    @christopher di spirito: Number one, trans threads seem to be generating lots of comments and pageviews. That translates to $$$$ for Queerty, so they keep it up. Just like a few months ago every thread was about blacks.

    Two, its the Transgender Day of Remembrance season, so they’re bound to post more at this time of year.

  • JohnAGJ

    Even without the homophobic and transphobic language this young man expresses himself poorly, as if he were nothing more than… well if he were white I’d say “white trash” but I can’t think of anything else. I guess it goes with the public image.

  • mrbrodybrown

    @Riker: your first point is kind of bizarre logic. as the author of this post, I have to dispute it. I wrote this piece because I found the story was interesting, relevant and I found JoJo’s subsequent Twitter comments particularly alarming. as for the second point, yes, that day did occur recently but again, not the reason for the post. Just coincidental timing.

  • Follow-up comment

    “…I deny this story. She was still fully male when I found her.”

  • Pete

    She’s hot and I’d spend a night with her! He gave up a good thing.

  • Michael

    The nice thing about transsexual women is you KNOW they want to be TREATED like women, by being caressed and protected. With a lot of women these days, you just aren’t too sure.

  • Riker

    @mrbrodybrown: My logic makes sense as a general answer to the increased number of trans-related posts over the last few weeks. One creates a 100+ comment discussion, and so does the next. It is good business to keep giving the readers what they want to hear and talk about.

    Queerty makes money by selling ad space, which is directly tied to the number of pageviews and ad clicks. The more people see their add, the more companies are willing to pay. Since this is what keeps the blog running, it is logical to include that the writers want to get paid and they’ll write posts which will generate a large number of pageviews to do it.

  • Carl

    Wait, his tweets were in an actual language? I only understood every fifth word, so I’ve no idea if they were transphobic, homophobic, racist, xenophobic or anything else. The guy needs to learn a language before he is let loose on Twitter (or any other form of media either) again.

    Still, I’ll trust those who can translate that ‘language’ of his and say simply – what a dick. Uneducated AND homo/transphobic? What a surprise. Really hope he never contributes to the gene pool.

  • lucifer

    Two ugly people.

  • Ian

    Simmons has beautiful, clear skin. I think she’s probably the envy of all the girls around her.

  • Ian

    @Ian: Excuse me, I mean Abad, not Simmons…

  • Jose M

    ive been following her…since i heard about her and jojo i saw that she might be on season 9 of bad girls club as the first transgender women i follow her on twitter
    Julisa_abad she is so beautiful and sexy

  • Jose M

    she on twitter Julisa_abad

  • Brutish

    See this is why people don’t like gay people now cause they messy now this bitch tryna get her or his five min of fame uu kno the world is lookin at that and now thinks that every gay person run they mouth that tranny hoe just mad cause Jo Jo didn’t give her kno play I wouldn’t either cause face it bitch uu not cute uu a messy ass doo doo queen and before any of uu say anything Im gay myself so please believe I’m not taking up for Jo Jo Lang.but that sum real 100 for yo ass that bitch wrong for that as if it’s not hard enoght smdh

  • Oh, ok.

    How is this news or even something worth talking about?

    Seriously whining about this being transphobic? Really? Some bullshit on a young guy’s Twitter page.


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