Reverend Caught Hosting Four-Day Drug Binge Complete With Rent Boys

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Paul Flowers is having a hell of a few years, and new revelations show he’s back to his old ways.

The ordained British Methodist minister and former banking official has had a series of disgraceful scandals resulting in numerous resignations — everything from allegations of helping to cover up crimes of pedophilia at a boys’ school to using his work email to communicate with rent boys to losing billions as chairman of the Co-operative Bank.

In 2013 he was filmed purchasing cocaine and methamphetamine in his car just days after he’d come under fire for gravely mismanaging a huge banking deal.

Well it looks like his “life-changing” rehab didn’t quite stick.

New allegations, along with accompanying video footage, have been published detailing a four-day binge, complete with rent boys, naked hot tub sessions and enough cocaine and ketamine to excite and subsequently tranquilize a good-sized horse.

The footage shows Flowers, 65, chopping lines of drugs for a group of young men.

One of the men who says he was paid £200 to attend, told The Mirror anonymously:

“He was flouncing around speaking really posh. There were about 15 people there and loads of drugs and alcohol. When I arrived he told me, ‘I’ll get you at some point’.

He was saying things like ‘to good health’ as he snorted something. There were drugs everywhere, ketamine, coke.

He was talking about how he’d been in the papers in the past. He was paranoid about photos being taken.”

He added:

“Everyone was getting totally wasted. He was talking about getting a float in the Manchester Pride parade with a load of rent boys on it with him. He was also saying he has a guy who comes to his house to clean it naked.”

Flowers, while suspended from the Methodist ministry, still collects a minister’s salary of around £510 a month.

A Methodist Church spokesman said: “Paul Flowers remains suspended. We regret that our disciplinary procedure has been on hold following advice that he has been too unwell to attend meetings.”

Well of course he’s not well enough — it takes a lot to recover from a coke binge at 65 years old.

Watch below: