Revisit Your Inner Gay Child With Satirical Mad Men Barbies

As little boys, we were typical baby queens and created elaborate dramatic storylines with a neighborhood gurlfriend’s Barbie and Ken. We thought our love to play with dolls was long gone, until we discovered this wacky and wonderful series of Mad Men Barbies, based off the current insanely incredible season.

We stumbled upon these must-see treasures thanks to our pals over at Hollywood.com. The dolls, created by mastermind Michael Williams at MyLifeInPlastic.com, brilliantly psychoanalyze the foibles of each character, passing bitchy judgement via impressively detailed accessories. (Our favorites are Joan Harris’ “Emerald Necklace of Shame” and Megan Draper’s “Howard Johnson’s Famous Orange Sherbet.”) Since none are currently for sale, a novelty toy company must immediately manufacture these. We’re ready with our order.

We’ve only included the women, since we know you queens love the divas. If you want to see the equally cattily deconstructed men, check out Williams’ Flickr. Let’s only hope he does not create a doll of Lane Pryce, ifyouknowwhatImean.

What accessories would you add?

Photos: Michael Williams/MyLifeInPlastic.com