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Revolutionary Voices Might Be Banned From New Jersey Libraries, But Not the Town Square

If the intent of Glenn Beck’s 9.12 Project was to make Revolutionary Voices, the gay-themed anthology for teens, disappear, they they’ll be saddened to hear supporters of not giving young people fewer things to read will be reading aloud from the tome this weekend.

First banned from a school library and now removed from an entire New Jersey county over some clip art, Revolutionary Voices is sure to incense the locals. There might be some naughty and graphic words used!

Brandon Monokian, a 23-year-old actor-director from Passaic County, formed the group [Revolutionary Readings] after the book was ordered removed in May from the library at Rancocas Valley Regional High School in Mount Holly. That decision followed a citizen’s complaint over the book’s sexual content. “Revolutionary Voices,” which won an award when it was published in 1990, also was removed this spring from the Burlington County Library.

“This book is a valuable resource to youths who might have questions about their lives, and the fact that a small group of people could have it banned is upsetting,” said Monokian, a Lumberton native and a 2005 graduate of Rancocas Valley. He said his group, Revolutionary Readings, wants to keep the book’s message before the public. “It’s a hard book to come across, and I wanted people to actually hear the words,” said Monokian, whose group previously has performed in North Jersey and New York.

The first-person accounts “already read like theater pieces,” said Victoria Fear, 22, a Pitman native who is to read at Sunday’s hourlong show. “We just knew hearing these words out loud would be effective,” said Fear, who now lives in Sea Isle City. Some of those words are sexually explicit, Monokian allowed. “There are some things that make you uncomfortable, but they should also make you think,” he said.

Yeah, thinking about SEX!

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  • George DeCarlo

    Ryan Reyes, my civil union spouse, has a piece in this book. Strangely, some Gay voices know he is in New Jersey but they only seem to want to hear their own voices and read their own quotes about the banned book. Not sure who is worse the ones that want the book banned or those that want an opportunity for themselves or groups they represent. Next time or for those events coming up for speaking to the ban may want to contact the editor and authors.

    Oh, Ryan may be contacted at 908-405-2157 or rize081476

    He was contacted once by someone against the book looking to set him up for an attack.

  • richardporter

    Another attempt by the right to keep the gay teen suicide rate up!

  • George DeCarlo


    The religious bigots, of course, ignore all the heterosexual books in the school libraries filled with sex and sexual acts. They may start with the Bibles on their shelves working their way to the biology and health texts that are filled with heterosexual sexual relations. Yes, this is discriminatory and hate.

    Years ago I wrote to the author of the Pink Triangle telling him that I see the US getting worse as far as hatred towards Gays and Lesbians. He could not understand as many Gays and Lesbians today would not understand given some rights we have been given and laws passed in some places as far as discrimination. Well, all he needed to do was to look at his Germany prior to Hitler given the time period.

    We are not headed in the direction everyone seems to think.

  • Jeffree

    Spend time in the Southeast & you’ll hear radio shows where they say the only book needed in the library is the Bible!

  • George DeCarlo

    Well I guess they like all that genocidal murder and various sexual acts. They especially like the sexual sins described for excitment then have their impure thoughts delve into the punishments.

    There is no difference between these people and NAZIs. The NAZIs hated Gays and so do the Beck Christians.

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