Rhode Island Lesbians Want Their Massachusetts Marriage

Norton & Becker

Yesterday, two lesbians had their day in court. Arguing in front of a Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Thomas Connolly, Wendy Becker and Mary Norton made their case on why they should be allowed to marry in the state even though they are Rhode Island residents.

At hand is a “rarely enforced” 1913 Massachusetts law that bars couples from getting married in Massachusetts if their home state prohibits them from getting married. Becker and Norton argue Rhode Island’s statutes not expressly ban gay marriage. Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General Peter Sacks, meanwhile, pointed to Rhode Island’s marriage laws, which establish a union as the joining together of a “male party” and a “female party.”

Judge Connolly’s decision isn’t expected for a few weeks. Becker and Norton have been together for 18 years (and have two children together); waiting for the decision might feel like 18 more.

Gay pair asking to be wed in Mass. say no ban in R.I. [Boston Globe]