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Rhode Island Needs to Decide: Should LGBTs Insist on Marriage, or Compromise on Civil Unions?

Teresa Paiva-Weed bares her teeth in a display of aggression.

When Representative Gordon Fox pulled the plug on his own marriage equality bill last month, he told everyone not to worry: they may not be able to get marriage in Rhode Island this year, but civil unions ought to be a shoo-in.

Except, whoops, maybe they’re not. At yesterday’s public hearing on the bill, neither the gays nor the anti-gays had anything nice to say about civil unions. Well, at least for once we can agree on something.

Our side is pissed because civil unions aren’t good enough. The opposition is pissed because civil unions make life easier for LGBTs, and we can’t have that!

So now, due to Democrats like Teresa Paiva-Weed who stood in the way of marriage, we might wind up getting nothing at all. Way to go everyone! High-fives all around!

This all comes down to an important question the LGBTs need to answer: is it worth it to go for an all-or-nothing approach? Should we insist on marriage or nothing at all? Or is it OK to compromise on civil unions for now while we fight for marriage down the road?

But don’t give up hope yet: this legislative session might be salvaged yet, if lawmakers turn the civil union bill into a marriage bill when it hits the House. It could happen! And if it doesn’t, LGBT activists are gearing up to vote out anti-gay bums like Paiva-Weed.

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  • PerplexedStudent

    The religious right opposes all rights for LGBTs; we need to push the envelope and fight for full equality. The more you ask for, the better you frame the argument for your side.

    It’s how the GOP has been functioning for a few years. They initially demand an absurd, far, far, far right solution–so when Obama “compromises” with a solution not-quite-as-far-right, it’s exactly what the GOP wanted all along. Just like the last budget “fight,” which was almost a total submission to the original GOP plan.

  • divkid

    okay, i know this should be about the ISSUES, and ad hominem attacks are like sooo déclassé but…
    seabiscuit in pearls much?

    when it’s time to vote, somebody distract her with a sugar lump. problem solved.

  • Cam

    Full Marriage. If this was the first state to do this, I would get the Civil unions. But the time to be excited for being let in through the servants entrance is over.

  • James in Hollywood

    Marriage. Nothing less.

  • franklin

    In this particular case, they should hold out for full marriage rights, and should devote time and energy to getting that buck-toothed cunt out of office.

  • Jeffree

    Oh, I saw the photo & thought there was a new film in the Jurassic Park decalogue. Whoops. Pardonnez-moi for thinking that was a dinosaur.

    Politics is always a crossmatch between the doable and the ideal, but I think it’s time for the full-court press there. RI is a tiny tiny state, but it may help tip the balance with its neighbors.

    Sun-Tzu said: “Approach the middle from the edges” and I think that applies here.

    As always-wise commenter Cam said, (and I paraphrase) “Doors first, windows second.”

  • Pitou

    Go for full Marriage!

    As CAM said nicely.. “The time to be excited for being let in through the servants entrance is over.”

    Bordering states already have it.
    Anything less keeps Rhode Island the stinky arm-pit of New England with shitty roads!!

  • robert in NYC

    Actually, all of the ten countries where same-sex marriage is legal originally started out with varying degrees of civil unions or partnerships. The UK started out that way too and is now about to begin a consultation for full marriage equality for gays and allowing straight couples to form civil partnerships, in other words, a choice for both orientations.

    I’m all for going for marriage provided the votes are there and can’t be overturned on referenda or other ballot initiatives. There are many on the right who don’t even want us to have civil unions or any equality whatsoever.

  • Geoff B

    What is that a picture of? Is it that thing that chased Karen Black around in Trilogy of Terror?

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