Rhyming Rosie Reflections

We don’t know how they did it, but new blog on the block Can O’ Whup-Ass somehow managed to get Rosie O’Donnell to contribute some of her patented poetics. You’ll have to head over to read the whole thing, but we’ve been authorized to share a bit of her very special sapphics: rosieopenmouth.jpg

First things first: I’m sure you know
Things are rough on Rosie O
You’ve seen my reputation scarred
That movie where I played a ‘tard
The magazine of mine that tanked
My broadway show that stunk and sanked
Then that time I let it fly
That Clay’s a sissy on the sly
After that I angered folks
With my chinky China jokes
Next the feud with Donald Trump
(I’d love to waste the pasty chump)
I ragged on Anna’s lack o’ charm
Hours before she bought the farm

Alright, it’s totally phony, but you’ve gotta admit they really captured her voice.

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