R.I. A.G. Defends G.A.Y.

There’s no case too small for Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick Lynch. The handsome lawyer has made it his mission to stop Paul O’Rourke: a man who can’t seem to stop yelling threatening profanities at his gay neighbors.

O’Rourke’s very vocal hatred of the homos even got him arrested last month for disorderly conduct. Apparently O’Rourke just couldn’t get enough, leading Lynch to step in. Rhode Island Fox affiliate, WPRI reports:

Attorney General Patrick Lynch seeks a court order to stop a man from harassing and threatening his gay neighbors. Paul O’Rourke is accused in a civil rights complaint of threatening to kill a gay couple who lives across the street from him in Warwick.

He also allegedly shouted profanities and anti-gay epithets at them. O’Rourke was arrested last month and charged with disorderly conduct after police say he threatened to kill the men. He was served with the civil rights complaint yesterday. O’Rourke faces a maximum fine of five-thousand dollars.

This isn’t the first time Lynch has thrown himself in the middle of gay drama: the 42-year old attorney general recently released a statement saying his state should honor Massachusetts-blessed gay marriages. This man may be our new hetero hero.