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RI Gov. Carcieri: Stop Saying Marriage Is a Civil Right, A-Holes!

Donald Carcieri, the Rhode Island governor, lives in a state where Catholicism reigns supreme and offers up a religious excuse to oppose gay marriage. Which Carcieri does. But then he traveled north to Massachusetts, where the gays actually can get married, so he could deliver a speech to the Massachusetts Family Institute and battle against the homos’ agenda.

It’s no big surprise: Everyone knew Carcieri was headed to the event. And it makes sense, given the Carcieri Family’s allegiance to hate groups including the National Organization for Marriage; Donald and wife Sue joined the Rhode Island chapter of NOM to push its anti-equality campaign in his state.

But let’s remember: Carcieri calls himself a “traditionalist” who is not anti-gay; he just wants voters to decide on marriage. Oh, and he’s only interested in what’s best for families! He told the MFA audience: “It is a not civil right. I get aggravated when it is portrayed that way. Marriage is a license by the state. It is about a state’s responsibility, which is the reason why states don’t allow a lot of types of marriages. … It’s abundantly clear to me that we have a tremendous problem. [Families are] the single most important public policy issue today and yet it is not talked about. We are failing our children.”