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RI Rep. Jon Brien Won’t Permit Gay Marriage Until Voters Have Their Say

Oh fun! Rhode Island Rep. Jon Brien, a Democrat, is today introducing a bill that’ll let voters decide on same-sex marriage in the 2012 ballot. That’s “decide,” as in: decide to amend the state constitution to ban it, which could overturn Gov. Lincoln Chaffee’s push for legalization. Even the Associated Press is laughing at its chances.

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  • the crustybastard

    Of course when Republicans do precisely this it is considered unimpeachable proof that Republicans are no friends to teh gheys.

    I’m sure some True Believer will jump right in to explain how Democrats are really on my side and I should continue to support them.

  • Cam

    Ok, DEMS like this guy need to know that there are consequences. He will start fundraising for his next election this year. Anybody from RI on these boards know of a possible primary opponent? We need to start sending some gay dollars their way. Even if the guy ends up losing, it still causes this guy to have to struggle and spend a lot more money than he would have.

  • chpinnlr

    @the crustybastard: Some Democrats are Douche bags too, But the Republican DB’s far outnumber the democrat ones! Not trying to start a deep political discussion just stating my oppinion, and you know what they say about oppinions…

  • chpinnlr

    And I see that I put an extra P in opinion, a Rhode Island public school education at work!

  • tjr101

    This guy is a DINO!

  • Joey O'H

    Okay, I say we call a public vote on how many kids breeders can have. Sounds fair?

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