Ricardo Muñiz Reported His Gay Bashing to Police. Now Officials Want to Deport Him

Ricardo Muñiz, 23, lives in Brooklyn. Illegally. He immigrated from Mexico because, his mother Jorgelina Aguirre says, he faced oppression there because of his sexuality. He faced oppression in the U.S., too: In July, Muñiz claims he was attacked by a one Jose Cruz, who allegedly followed him out of a bar in Flatbush after seeing him dancing with another man, screamed anti-gay slurs, and beat him with his belt in the early morning hours. And his reward for reporting the assault? Muñiz was arrested two weeks later at his job, and now faces deportation charges. He remains locked up.

The story would be incomplete, however, without mentioning police found Cruz badly beaten at the scene. Doctors placed him in a medically induced coma to recover.