Reported Extortionist Tells Cops All

Richard Curtis Scandal Sure Is Gay

Washington politico Richard Curtis claims not to have had sex with an alleged male prostitute extortionist. Said male partner Cody M. Castagna says otherwise. Obviously.

According to an affidavit, Castagna and Curtis met at the Hollywood Erotic Boutique and then headed to Curtis’ hotel room, where they had a bit of “mutual sexual” activity. Apparently not content with getting his rocks off, Castagna stole Curtis’ wallet and then blackmailed him for $1000, which is really just awful: at least ask for two grand!

It’s unclear whether or not Curtis called the cops, but they’re now involved and interviewed Castagna, who says Curtis also rented two gay flicks at the hotel. Police, meanwhile, are asking for a seach warrant to check Curtis’ hotel records, as well as the “erotic boutique” surveillance system. Will this scandal bring down yet another Republican leader? It’s looking that way!