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Richard Grenell slams Judge Jackson heading to SCOTUS: “Gays were not considered”

Richard Grenell has slammed President Biden's nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson
Richard Grenell (Photo: YouTube)

The former US ambassador to Germany under President Trump, Richard Grenell, is among those on the right not celebrating the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

Jackson made history yesterday when she became the first Black woman appointed to the highest court in the US. Senators voted 53-47 on Jackson’s confirmation.

In January, President Joe Biden pledged to nominate a Black woman to replace retiring US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. No Black woman has served as a justice on the Supreme Court before, and Biden called it, “long overdue.”

Grenell, who is gay and an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, took umbrage with Biden’s nomination.

“There will be one seat on the Supreme Court with an asterisk – because not every American was considered to fill it,” he tweeted last night. “Hispanics, Asians, Whites, gays and men were not even considered. This is a terrible precedent.”

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Many online thought Grenell’s analysis ridiculous.

One of those to comment used a clown emoji to describe Grenell. This prompted Grenell to respond by saying “homophobia has no place in America.”

Civil rights lawyer Sherrilyn Ifill was among those to criticize Grenell, saying, “Pls. Then asterisk every Justice before Justices Brandeis,Thurgood Marshall and Sandra Day O’Connor. Because neither Jews, Blacks nor women were part of the nominee pool before they were selected. (Ok Nixon briefly considered Judge Mildred Lillie before picking Justice Powell).”

Grenell was having none of it, accusing Ifill of defending racism and sexism. He argued it was different because, before Biden, “No one ever announced they wouldn’t be considering Asians, Hispanics and men. It’s disgusting bias.”

He then got into a Twitter spat with Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), after the congressman tweeted, “Apparently @RichardGrenell believes that prior to President Biden, every Asian American, every gay person and every Black female was considered for Supreme Court openings and not a single one of them throughout US history was ever qualified. That’s bullshit and it’s demeaning.”

In a follow-up tweet to Grenell, Lieu said, “What about the fact that minorities were historically excluded from Supreme Court openings? Do you actually believe not a single Asian American, gay or Black female prior to Biden was qualified? What about that? Why won’t you answer the real question?”

Grenell shot back, “No President has ever vocally excluded Asians, Hispanics and men for the Court. Stop defending this horrific precedent of intolerance. Shame on you for supporting racism and sexism.”

Grenell then twisted Lieu’s argument as an attack by the California congressman on Presidents Obama and Clinton. He capitalized the first three letters of Lieu’s name to push the point: “Ted LIEu attacks @BarackObama and Bill Clinton as racists and homophobes.”

In a parting shot, he went on to blame Lieu for helping to start the war in Ukraine, before swerving, as so many on the far-right do, off on a tangent about Hunter Biden.

It seems Grenell and Lieu have a long history of Twitter spats, going back at least to Grenell’s roles in the Trump administration.

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After his run as US Ambassador to Germany, Grenell served as Acting Director of National Intelligence in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet in 2020. He was the first openly gay person to serve at a Cabinet-level, albeit in an acting capacity and without Senate confirmation.

He was then Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotiations from 2019 to 2021 and has advised the Republican National Convention on its outreach to LGBTQ voters. He is a big supporter of the Log Cabin Republicans, who rewarded him with its Game Changer Award in 2021.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is expected to be sworn in as a justice to the Supreme Court in late June or early July.


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