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Richard Hatch Slapped With 9-Month Jail Sentence For Being A Complete Idiot

Survivor‘s first season winner Richard Hatch, who may or may not be fired from Celebrity Apprentice in the coming weeks, has been ordered back to jail for nine months for not paying taxes on his $1 million game show winnings — after being ordered to refile 2000 and 2001’s returns, but never doing it, because he’s a moron. The new sentence comes after he already served out a three-year stint for tax evasion. He’s headed back to prison on Monday, and he’ll serve 26 months of supervised release after he gets out. And that’s when he’ll be catching up on the estimated $2 million he owes to the IRS (in back taxes and penalties), by forking over one-quarter of all dollars going into his pocket. Maybe, uh, you should stop competing on games shows dude.