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Richard Hatch Slapped With 9-Month Jail Sentence For Being A Complete Idiot

Survivor‘s first season winner Richard Hatch, who may or may not be fired from Celebrity Apprentice in the coming weeks, has been ordered back to jail for nine months for not paying taxes on his $1 million game show winnings — after being ordered to refile 2000 and 2001’s returns, but never doing it, because he’s a moron. The new sentence comes after he already served out a three-year stint for tax evasion. He’s headed back to prison on Monday, and he’ll serve 26 months of supervised release after he gets out. And that’s when he’ll be catching up on the estimated $2 million he owes to the IRS (in back taxes and penalties), by forking over one-quarter of all dollars going into his pocket. Maybe, uh, you should stop competing on games shows dude.

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  • Johnnybluejeans

    Dear Richard Hatch,

    Your beard is stupid.

    The Gays.

  • Weird Math Professor

    Agreed that it’s his own fault for not paying up long ago. But assuming the article is accurate, there’s something wrong when the government can levy what amounts to a 200% tax on earnings.

  • niles


  • Oprah

    Its a win win situation for Hatch. He will get laid in prison- right? lol

  • Soupy

    Dear Willow (Oprah). I’m going to tell your Mama Grizzly that you are on a gay site and she will whup your ass. Not for being on here, but for not calling us all “faggots”. Now get off and sin no more.

  • Jeffree

    @Oprah: Was that supposed to be funny?

  • Kev C

    Should have called TaxMasters.

  • Harbo

    It’s really hard to feel sorry for Richard Hatch. He brought it all omn himself. Maybe he likes beinglocked up. And I agree with Johnnybluejeans. Lose the beard.

  • Oprah

    [email protected]

    Jeffree & Soupy–Gosh the two of you are Thelma and Louise from Stalkingville.

    Soupy–i actually like Mama grizly bear Sarah Palin. She is a God fearing queen. lol

  • Johnny Exchange

    Unbelievably stupid… When you’re on federal probation you have to follow the instructions to a ‘T’. If it was just a straight violation, he may have been able to have his existing probation run concurrent with his incarceration, but it sounds like this is a new charge… resulting in a fresh chunk of time + more probation? Richard… dude… break free of this cycle.. File the F**king papers! It’s not like anyone expects you’ll pay the money you ‘owe’.

  • Soupy

    Of course you do Willow (Oprah)! But we’ve already discovered that you don’t know your bible very well and all this time spent trolling gay sites will not help your mom’s political aspirations. Now go and sin no more.

  • Shannon1981

    @Oprah: What exactly is wrong with you?

    As for Hatch, it’s his own damn fault. No real sympathy. You can’t not pay the IRS. They’ll get you.

  • Oprah


    I think i am acting your age, and you are acting my age. :(

    Shannon1981 Nothing is wrong with me. What gives you that idea? lol

  • FinanceGuru

    @Weird Math Professor: And you’re a total moron.

    There are substantial penalties for willfully not paying and not filing tax returns. They’re common knowledge, and he even had professional advisors.

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