Richard Socarides’ Attack On Obama Made Ridiculous By His Defense of Bloomberg

It’s a little bit sickening to see Richard Socarides, who served as Bill Clinton’s LGBT adviser, go after President Obama on queer rights, because isn’t this the guy who stood by as his now-former boss signed into law the Defense of Marriage Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

Yes, you will hear from Socarides’ defenders that he did all he could to stop Clinton from legislating against the gays, but remember the Clinton administration (and that includes Rich) got behind both of those policies as “compromises.” Much like the DADT repeal compromise Obama is engaged in right now!

But there he was on MSNBC yesterday, discussing his Wall Street Journal editorial, about how Obama is lagging on LGBT equality. Which is true. Except Socaridies’ authority is suspect at best, absent at worst. Though we needn’t point it out to you; he did so himself, by denouncing Obama but supporting New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg — whose record in fighting same-sex marriage in the courts is just as disgusting as the president’s. And that’s not to mention Bloomberg, a billionaire, funding New York’s Republicans. At his old job, it was Socarides’ duties during Clinton’s re-election to convince America’s gays that Clinton’s LGBT policies were better than his opponents; he falsely describes his efforts as a success.

Socarides will continue commanding mainstream media attention, whether in the Journal or on MSNBC, because of the position he held with Clinton. And that’s fine; he’s got an insider’s perspective we don’t. But at least own up to your hypocrisy, bud. And that your increasingly strong criticism of the president, while warranted, does not come without your own baggage.

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  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    TO RYAN TEDDER (author of this post):

    What a nice relief from Friday’s post where you embraced Socarides’ anti-Obama sissy-rant without checking Socarides own poor excuse of a record as a pro-gay/lesbian advocate.

    Socarides is just another Ruppert Murdock whore selling his soul for $$$. Has anyone done more ill-good to the gay/lesbian rights’ cause than Socarides? He was the White House point gay when DADT was adopted as policy and then law, forcing the brave gay/lesbian citizens who joined the armed services 17 years of sanctioned lying and bigotry; and, then he was again the point gay when DOMA was signed into law forcing all gays/lesbians untold years until same-sex marriage equality is for all in all states.

    Certainly Obama and his administration have more than a long way to go to make good on the Obama campaign promises; nonetheless, DADT and DOMA would not be issues today had Clinton and lap puddle Socarides not inflicted those laws against us.

  • Daniel

    Socarides is a major hypocrite and an attention whore. I wonder who is paying him to open his mouth and spew garbage. We all know this loser is in it for the dollar signs and does not accurately repesent the voice of the gay community. He represent his own self interest and agenda. I really wish we could send him on a time machine back to the 90’s.

  • Gert

    Thank you Queerty for pointing out hypocrisy and phoniness in the gay community.

    Now please stop being hypocritical and indirectly promoting phoniness by drawing attention to losers like Davey “Look at my Steroid Pecs” Wavey and nameless models with abs that are impossible to obtain without hormonal enhancements.

  • whatever

    Queerty did its homework for once? The good news is your grade moved up to a D- now. The bad news is you will have to take summer school still.

  • jack

    Sadly the head of anti-gay marriage in NY is Ruben Diaz, the democratic head of the senate.

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