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Richard Socarides Blames The Military, Not Himself + Clinton, For Making Don’t Ask Don’t Tell So Terrible

Richard Socarides wrote the talking points for the Clinton administration to defend the passage of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Since then, in criticizing the Obama administration for its lack of Oomph Factor in leading a repeal, he’s seemed to have forgotten his involvement in the horrible piece of legislation. Last night on Keith Olbermann’s show, Richard’s sideshow continued, where he blamed the military for not “living up to its end of the bargain” after DADT was passed. As in: Gays living their lives in private (including going to a gay rights rally) were supposed to be safe. “What they did instead was started this witch hunts against people.”

“This law might be around for a lot longer than anybody had hoped,” concludes Richard about today’s DADT vote. If it doesn’t pass today, “it’s gonna go away until after the election.” Obama, meanwhile, “has had the power” by executive order to end discharges, concludes Socarides. So did his old boss.

Except, uh? One day constitutes “a long longer.” But this badboy has been around 17 years. THANKS TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU. Jesus.

Keith Olbermann’s oversight in not calling you out on it? Fail.