liar liar?

Richard Socarides Claims He Publicly ‘Urged’ Clinton Not to Sign DOMA. Uh, Prove It Buddy

In an email exchange with San Francisco activist Michael Petrelis, playwright Larry Kramer, and New York activists Andy Humm and Allen Roskoff, Bill Clinton’s former LGBT adviser Richard Socarides claims he protested against the president’s signing of 1996’s Defense of Marriage Act both privately and publicly: “I urged Clinton not to sign DOMA at the time, both publicly and privately. I did everything I could to stop it. This is all part of the public record.” It is?

Funny, because even experienced, talented, and respected veteran journalists like Gay City News‘ Duncan Osborn could not find even one media report of Socarides criticizing his boss about DOMA. Or even one public soundbite of him saying Clinton shouldn’t sign it.

Which doesn’t mean it didn’t happen; sometimes Lexis is a fickle thing!

But surely Socarides can provide us with some evidence of his claim? Oh, right, he’s remained silent on a request to do so. Maybe this is why so many folks have a problem with him going after Obama on LGBT rights when Socaridies, given the opportunity to at least have a voice at Clinton’s DOMA table, appears to have done nothing.