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Richard Socarides Is Starting to Sound Majorly Harsh About Obama

I always enjoy it when one of Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers lets the gays have a few column inches, so there’s Richard Socarides, who’s always described as “former LGBT adviser to President Clinton” instead of “that charming fellow with the smiling eyes,” in today’s Wall Street Journal going after the sitting president who was mean and took the White House from his ex-boss’ wife.

“First and most obviously, Mr. Obama has not made good on his campaign promise to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, allowing the military to continue stalling.” Zing! “The Obama administration’s stance on gay marriage is especially troubling.” Pow! “When Mr. Olson’s case reaches the U.S. Supreme Court in a year or more from now, will Mr. Obama be one of the few left on the wrong side of history? What a bitter irony that would be.” Ka-plunk!

Now you might think all of Rich’s points are obvious. And they are! But just six months ago, in January, he was only “attacking” Obama in the shyest of ways, so much so that I had to surround “attacking” in air quotes just now. And he did so in the Journal.

The most brutal criticisms of Obama are not filled with vitriol and grand declarations. They are filled with simple, concise facts, which is what Rich is finally laying out.