Waves Away Gay Marriage Question

Richardson Sick of Talking Gay

It’s been a hell of a few days for Governor Bill Richardson. The Democratic presidential contender caused a stir at the gay forum by mistakenly saying gays choose to be gay. A big no, no, to be sure and became the talk of the town. And, apparently, Richardson’s growing weary of all the gay drama. And, it seems, all gay talk – period.

NYDN attempted to chat with Richardson on gay marriage, but the 59-year old politico stonewalled ’em:

Richardson, who supports civil unions, was asked if he would veto a gay marriage bill because he believed in his heart that same-sex marriage is wrong. He replied, “I don’t want to get into that. I thought you guys were going to ask me about other stuff. Don’t you care about other stuff?”

Apparently Richardson’s not as worried about equal rights as he’d like one to believe.

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