Rick Perry Cites Slave Owner As The Type Of Leader The Boy Scouts Should Emulate

When last we saw Rick Perry, he was doing his impression of what it would be like if Lindsay Lohan were a presidential candidate.

The Texas governor continues his parade of embarrassments  but on a smaller stage now. His latest: expressing his belief that keeping gays out of the Boy Scouts is equivalent to fighting slavery. Because protecting bigotry is so much like freedom.

Speaking at a pro-Scouting event organized by the right-wing Family Research Council, Perry called on the Scouts to resist become “more like pop culture” and  to show the same “type of principled leadership … the type of courage” that 19th-century Texas governor Sam Houston displayed when he opposed slavery and lost his governorship as a result.

One problem there, Rick. Houston did not oppose slavery. He was, in fact, a slave owner.  He did oppose secession, if that’s any consolation.

See Rick covering himself in his usual glory, thanks to Right Wing Watch.