Rick Perry Cites Slave Owner As The Type Of Leader The Boy Scouts Should Emulate

When last we saw Rick Perry, he was doing his impression of what it would be like if Lindsay Lohan were a presidential candidate.

The Texas governor continues his parade of embarrassments  but on a smaller stage now. His latest: expressing his belief that keeping gays out of the Boy Scouts is equivalent to fighting slavery. Because protecting bigotry is so much like freedom.

Speaking at a pro-Scouting event organized by the right-wing Family Research Council, Perry called on the Scouts to resist become “more like pop culture” and  to show the same “type of principled leadership … the type of courage” that 19th-century Texas governor Sam Houston displayed when he opposed slavery and lost his governorship as a result.

One problem there, Rick. Houston did not oppose slavery. He was, in fact, a slave owner.  He did oppose secession, if that’s any consolation.

See Rick covering himself in his usual glory, thanks to Right Wing Watch.

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  • Jackhoffsky

    Okay, in Texas… as in much of the south… there is a standing reverence to “great” leaders of the past. Their slave owning, wife beating, alcoholic, tax evading, whore loving antics are ignored because EVERY great leader of the south owned slaves, beat their wives, drank in excess, tried not to pay their taxes to greedy Washington, and fucked whores on the side.

    It was the norm. And the norm aside… the passion and intensity is often invoked more then what the passion and intensity was directed to.

    So his reference isn’t out of place although the subject matter IS. He thinks of us as “pop culture”… as a fad, as a nothing… and for some reason Boy Scouts have to fight with the same fervor that someone (we’ll take Sam Houston for simplicity sake) would fight to the death over… for people Rick Perry equates with neon shoelaces and Rubik’s cubes.

  • Sohobod

    Who was the dick on the right?

  • cassax

    Perry couldn’t tell the truth because in fact Houston would have been opposed to Perry’s secessionist attitudes.

  • jstepp88

    You can’t praise many of our forfathers without praising former slave owners. Washington…Jefferson…They owned slaves, and yet we hail them as heroes of our nation. There isn’t much of a difference. However, Rick Perry is still dumb.

  • Harley

    Make no mistake. Ricky Perry is a tea party favorite and if states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida gerrymander their electoral votes we can very well say president Ricky Perry with Ted Cruze as veep. Shocking but true. We were a hair breath away from Sarah Palin as veep. If McCane has a heart attack and dies in the next couple of years……….talk about dodging a bullet.

  • dayglowjim

    @Jackhoffsky: You are so right! I was especially offended by being equated with pop-culture myself. I am so not “pop-culture”. I really hate being taken lightly about something that constitutes a major part of my personality.

  • Atomicrob

    Another false equivalency by Mr. Perry,… Oooops!

  • manxxxx

    @dayglowjim: I can’t agree with you and Jachoffsky more. How dare this idiot cum governor refer to me and my partner of 36+ years as pop-culture and flavor of the month. Jokes on Mr. Perry. As a principal of private, school-affiliated elementary schools I have been able to keep both the Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts at bay because of their stand on gays and equality. Additionally, I have been able to re-direct all holiday fundraising away from organizations such as the Salvation Army which openly discriminate. It’s always easy to find those who are open and accepting to be the recipients of generosity.

    Flavor of the month my ass!

  • Eiswirth

    Ryan Lochte is a Rhodes scholar compared to this loser.

  • Caleb in SC

    @Eiswirth: LOL!!! Agreed. Between Perry and Bush, Texas is looking less like a state and more like an asylum.

  • Charli Girl

    Yeah our Mayor of Houston is “Pop Culture,and Flavor of the month”? My mayor runs a thriving city of 5 million people,where the economy is pristine…SHE WILL replace that “has been”!!!! Geez that boy doesn’t know when to shut his wrinkled up mouth! (As/seen in “sausage pic”)
    Marriage Equality IS coming to Texas , so get used to it and bow your head boy when Govenor Parker walks in the Texas Govenors Mansion!!! Oh it’s on!!!! She’ll make it all the way to the belt line before that has been will!!!

  • Jason b.

    As a person that loves history this article prompted me to read more about Sam Houston. As I don’t believe it’s effective to judge a man by today’s mores and standards to measure his/her ethics., I like to see what made him special for his time. Based on what I read about the man, he was a very impressive figure. His opposition to sessecion was likely as much pragmatic and prescient as it was patriotic. He has an interesting quote that has a similar ring to Admiral Yamamoto’s 80 years later. It also appears he was emasculated in the War of 1812. Most men wouldn’t recover from that yet he went on to do quite a lot. He likely wouldn’t think much of Mr. Perry.

    With regards to Perry, he is a mental midget and it doesn’t say much for Texas that they would keep him as their Governor. Then again the population of mental midgets seems to be rather large in both parties across our political landscape.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    You are what you eat.

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