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Rick Sanchez: Jews Are Controlling The Very Network That Let’s Me Roll My Eyes At Tyler Clementi

Rick Sanchez, the one guy in the lamestream media who managed to make Tyler Clementi‘s suicide sound like just a bunch of kids messing around with a webcam, has fresh egg on his face after calling Jon Stewart a “bigot” who “can’t relate to somebody who grew up poor” and lamenting over the media being “run” by Jews “like Stewart.”

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  • Soupy

    Sanchez has been making a fool of himself for years now. Who hasn’t seen the clip of him getting tasered. He’s not a journalist and, like Glenn Beck, he should move from CNN to Fox News where he won’t embarrass anyone.

  • georgia

    Does anyone else notice how he runs the show like he doesn’t have producers? He looks for his words like no TV anchor I’ve ever seen.

    He has this fake smile or rather weird smile and he is always thanking guests for “this great conversation we just had…” It’s so pompous. It wasn’t a great conversation Rick, when you interrupt them a dozen times with poorly worded questions.

    He is so difficult to watch and he made it much worse with 3 blunders this week: Saying that bullying is a made up word, calling Jon Stewart a bigot and going after Keith Olbermann in the oddest way.

  • Michael C

    and CNN wonders why its ratings are swirling down the toilet. really? you have to wonder why, CNN?

  • Soupy

    They have made so many mistakes lately. It’s no wonder that Anderson Cooper wants to flee. The boss was just fired and replaced.

  • Cam

    Proving what Mel Gibson demostrated so completely also…

    If you’re bigoted against one group chances are you’re bigoted against others.

  • Tommy

    @georgia: Totally agree with you about him being a horrible interviewer and always interrupting the person he was interviewing. Because of that I could never stand to watch him long enough to know what his political viewpoint was. But now I know he is right wing, I like him even less.

    The only time I watch CNN is in the morning at the gym. It’s fine then. They have a straight up newscast that’s objective. I don’t watch it the rest of the day.

  • Jack E. Jett

    don’t know if jon stewart is a bigot but no doubt that the jews own and operate the media and i don’t know why they would feel shame for that. but that is they way the roll.

  • JoeyO'H

    Open mouth, lose job. Good riddens douchebag Sanchez!

  • Po

    Rick Sanchez is horrible at expressing himself(especially for someone purportedly trained in media) and pushed it a little(or way), but I think somewhere in there he has a valid point. John Stewart(and Colbert and to some extent Maddow/Olbermann) does smack of elitism sometimes and I think thats why a lot of times Liberals can’t appeal to some Americans even though what they stand for is the best for them especially when compared to republicans, and the republicans are masters at playing off of this(look at the criticisms of of Obama/Kerry and even some state politicians) the “Liberal Elitist” rhetoric works because there’s a grain of truth to it.

    Also the problem of liberal hypocrisy is a real one for both minorities and for gays.

    That being said Rick Sanchez was horrible at his job and I’m glad I’ll never have to see him on CNN again.

  • ewe

    Latino machismo is so shallow and fragile.

  • ewe

    I take that back. I was generalizing. The real fact is that “all machismo is shallow and fragile”. Yup. That is much more accurate for sure.

  • Not a Bigot

    @Jack E. Jett:

    The comment is factually wrong and anti-Semitic and should be removed.

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