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  • Mike

    I happen to be in favor of hat.

  • EdWoody

    What have those Californians got against hats?

  • Mike

    In all seriousness, if this is the kind of juvenile crap that the No on 8 leadership engages in, no wonder they fucking lost.

  • Japhy Grant

    You guys are sooooo funny. [Editor goes home and cries.]

  • David Dust

    I can stand people who hate Hats. It’s simply un-American.

  • Roy Pyatt

    Hats suck. Missourians against mittens

  • mark

    The queer dollar denomination demeans US. They should have had him on a HATE DOLLAR.

  • Jeff from N.C.

    I just don’t understand you gays. You scream for tolerance and understanding, but, you only tolerate people who have your views. I know it’s hard for you in New York or Los Angeles to hear that most of America does not accept your lifestyle. It’s not that we don’t like you. We love you and we pray for your souls. It’s possible to love the sinner , not the sin. This is a Christian country. Get over it!

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