Rick Warren’s Website Ditches Gay Damnation

Now you see it, now you don’t! Rev. Warren’s Saddleback Church website just days ago proudly told visitors that “someone unwilling to repent of their homosexual lifestyle would not be welcome at Saddleback”. Which, to our ears sounds très disagreeable and downright un-Obamian. Well, someone, somewhere seems to have decided that maybe America’s Pastor (TM) ought not to be so out and proud about his homophobia, so now the whole section’s gone.

But fortunately, nothing ever really goes thanks to Google. Here’s the cached link and here’s a screengrab:

Other things lost in the purge: The church’s stance that dinosaurs don’t deny evolution and are mentioned in the Bible, how Catholicism is sort of a cult and a very-pressing theological treatise proving that all dogs do not necessarily go to heaven.

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  • dvlaries

    ” Q: What’s the difference between convictions and prejudices?
    A: You can explain your convictions without getting angry. ”

    … or without cowardly removing them from your website

  • michelle

    Stretching my hope for the end to homophobia and transphobia, this may be a silver (not gold) lining in the dense cloud of evangelical ignorance. A basic first step for any hateful person is to stop verbally expressing their hatred/ignorance. By withdrawing the statement on the Saddleback site about the necessity of “repenting” a gay life, Warren shows that at one level, a very primitive one, he got the message that, in a civil society, he cannot just dump his lethal bigotry on the public. This deletion from their site will mitigate hateful attitudes in a small way. I think we should encourage such actions and support the removal of hateful speech in every medium. 99% of my relatives in the US are “gentle people of prejudice” whose attitudes must be changed by suasion and by the lessening of bigoted propaganda that supports their ignorant attitudes. Here in Canada, we now recognize same-sex marriage and have human rights laws that protect gay and transgender people from all forms of discrimination. These laws were changed in the face of vehement opposition by fundamentalist and evangelical religious groups because the “gentle people of prejudice” in Canada came around to the understanding that injustice based upon religion, race, gender or sexual orientation in unacceptable in a democratic society. That change in attitude is now occurring among fair-minded Americans. Each step in that direction is a step we must support.


    Rick Warren “Give it up” We gays and Lesbians WILL NOT lay down anymore!
    To all in our family we MUST continue to speak out and NEVER have the Rick Warren’s take our rights away!

    Also, thank you, Mr. President Obama elect, if Mr. Rick Warren spoke out against woman, blacks or Jews as he does with us (gays) would he be making the Prayers for you at the White House???

    Norman LeBoon SR
    Philadelphila, Pa USA

  • Zoe Brain

    Michelle – it’s not exactly common knowledge that transgendered people don’t have the same protections as gays (or other minorities) under the charter in Canada. Except in Nova Scotia. Various Canadian GLBT groups have claimed “all GLBT are covered so there’s nothing more to do” – while ignoring the TG groups’ protestations that T’s are not.
    But otherwise, I agree with you.

  • Don Miller

    Thanks Rick for taking a biblical stand on hate the sin and still loving the person.
    there are still people out there who don’t understand that.

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