It Got Better: Ricky Martin Admits To Bullying Gays While Growing Up


I look back now and realize I would bully people who I knew were gay. I had internalized homophobia. To realize that was confronting to me. I wanted to get away from that….I didn’t want them (his twin sons) growing up in a house of lies… or thinking that there was something wrong with being gay.”

Ricky Martin discussing how he came to grips with his sexuality in the September/October edition of GQ Australia via Daily Mail.

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  • Scribe38

    I would have beat his ass and then tried to date him.

  • Caleb in SC

    @Scribe38: Spanked, not beat.

  • Tackle

    This is so refreshing to hear someone, celebrity or not admit to being a bully/bullying someone. It just seems that in today’s age, everyone and anyone has been bullyed. So many conveniently leave out the times that they have done the bullying.

  • Scribe38

    @Caleb in SC: I stand corrected sir. ;)

  • B Damion

    ok..ok..Thank you Rickyyyyyyy.

    This man is so fine. Shout out to all Latino men. I would like to put you on the menu this weekend mmmmm…yes god! lol…

    hhhhh…I love myself.

  • Ogre Magi

    @Scribe38: I would have done something else to his ass

  • trelin

    He’s still so dreamy.

  • Nyruinz


    The sad part is a lot of the bullied become the bully’s when they get older

  • Tackle

    @Nyruinz: Very true. I wasn’t praising Ricky on his past bullying, but his honest about it.

  • seaki

    LLLLLLLLAAWDDDDDDDD,..Sweet baby Jesus and Drunk Ass Mary!!! I CANT STOP LAUGHING!!! So wait,… was a BULLY to other fags,…….and became the BIGGEST fag of them all!!!!! :::Sexual Karma is a fat bitch is hungry for irony:::: ok,..jokes aside,..damn this man is FINE as FUCK,….MY GOD!!!!!

  • the other Greg

    wow, I give him a lot of credit for this.

    I took me awhile to figure out that some of my bullies MUST have been dealing with gay issues of their own. Some of the bullying was so psycho-sexually weird, there was really no other logical explanation! If it matters – and I think it does in THIS context – almost all my bullies were Hispanic. The macho baggage?

    Good for Ricky for talking about internalized homophobia.

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